Attention attention chocolate giveaway! Who here likes chocolate? ok scrap that. Who here would like to win some chocolate? Because the only thing better than chocolate is free chocolate right?

I’ve been trying to shift that last stone of baby weight for a while now but we have entered December folks. December is so not the month to be dieting. Or at least if you are (bravo you!) it is still more than likely going to be a month were you have one or two more treats than usual. Now if you are going to be having a little tiny treat of chocolate anyway, it might as well me nice festive chocolate right?

Every year my go-to chocolate of choice when I am looking for a good yummy general chocolate (basically if I don’t really know if the people/person I am buying for is mad crazy for 80% dark chocolate or totally in love with melt in the mouth Swiss white chocolate) to please the masses, is always Thorntons. 

I love the boxes they do because I pretty much know that who ever I am buying for is going to like all of them and they will get eaten. Anyone else enter January with some seriously questionable chocolate gifts? (Turkish Delight box of Roses I am talking to you!)

As well as the boxes, another favourite of mine is the chocolate figures. You know, the snowmen, the reindeers, the Jolly Santa’s. These make excellent stocking fillers as well as filling out a gift bag wonderfully when all your gifts are amazing but just so small that they vanish at the bottom of those over-sized present bags. Kids love them, and you know grown-ups do too. It’s like Easter and Christmas combined! So I though perhaps one of you lovely folk would like to give this Jolly Santa* a home this Christmas. Simply click on the Enter the giveaway button below and enter as many of the options as you like:

Giveaway closes Sunday 18th December at 12am. The winner will then be picked at random.

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*Baby not included 

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34 thoughts on “Thorntons Jolly Santa Chocolate Competition”

  1. Awww, your baby is adorable!!!! Yum yum!! Chocolate is always a winner in my house with 8 year old twins zooming about!! Thanks got the chance!! Xx

  2. Your baby is beautiful. Would love to win this santa for my son. Thank you for a great giveaway and merry Christmas 🎅🎅🎅

  3. Loved the home made Christmas cards on your craft blog.It’s so much nicer to make your own and you can make them much more personal.

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