I have never made a Halloween pumpkin / jack o lantern ever. Never ever!

I always strangely assumed they cost an absolute fortune to buy, like a real Christmas tree or something. And then yesterday I was just doing a shop in Lidl as you do and what should I see? Pumpkins. A mountain of them. And guess how much these things cost? 79p. 79p! (You can’t put numbers in capitals otherwise I would!) 

Well obviously I grabbed two and skipped off to the car like some happy Autumn sprite who had gotten into the Halloween sweet stash. *I would have bought more that two too if sensible husband man hadn’t have been with me! Foiled.

Here is our afternoon  with Aiden pumpkin making:

*please excuse poor quality photo.  I was too excited to check and was loosing the light people! Excellent for pumpkin making but not so much for photography.

The pick – hugely important. We got one for Aiden and one for Faye.

The scoop – I envisaged this to be a lot harder and messier that it actually was. I forsee many more pumpkins being bought in light of this. And TV lies to us.

Aiden helped with removing the seeds. This is the perfect bit to let little ones help with – no knife needed at this point. 

Aiden started to get a bit restless as Keith cut all the detail out and he wasn’t able to play with the giant knives. So to keep him involved but still in possession of all ten fingers, I quickly doodled some pumpkins on a piece of paper and had Aiden design the pumpkin faces.

We had these fab battery operated little tea lights left over from a birthday party which meant Aiden could put them in himself.

 So pumpkin carving was a huge success and I will definitely by sneaking a few more home to join Mr Boo on the windowsill.



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