I’m going to cheat a little and split my where I live in half. You see where we live now is just temporary and where we will be moving back too next year will be our forever hone so I would feel bad if I didn’t acknowledge both of these places. Also I’d be pretty hard pressed to find a whole five supercool things to write about Bo’ness…


  1. Bo’Ness Railway Station / Days out with Thomas the Tank Engine.My son is absolutely crazy about trains. We have an annual pass to the museum  (£5 for adults and free for under 16’s is pretty amazing value!) and we go on average once every fortnight as it is just across the road from the shops. My boy knows the trains like the back of his hands and we are on first name terms with the manager and volunteers (big shout out to Phil!). It is great for rainy days to get out of the house and Phil the manager always gives my boy a drivers hat to wear as we look round the museum and then colouring sheets and stickers when we leave. They do special days throughout the year like Thomas the Tank Engime and Santa trains and the whole family goes. We just love it and will definitely still visit after we move. 
  2. My Mum friends I could not survive without my Mum friends. Simple. As. That. I met Gabby who’s boy is just 10 days older than mine at a breastfeeding group when they were just a few weeks old and it turned out we live just a few roads away from each other. We would text each other all through the rough night wakenings and in the day we would walk round and round and round the streets of our neighbourhood to get the boys to sleep. We met Keren and Colleen a little later with their wonderful kids and us four mum’s  (plus the now 6 kids) can be found chasing the children around en masse at the weekly playgroup or round at each others houses sharing the highs and lows of this crazy journey as a Mum. I’ve said it once but I’m going to say it again. Bo’ness would be nothing without them!


We lived here for a few years a few years ago and next year will be moving back as we consider it home and want the kids to have their childhood there. There are so many wonderful things about Oban it is going to be tricky to pick just three but here goes.

  1. The sea / scenaryI have a very strong effinity with the sea and in Oban it is right there. You can not miss it. Go out for milk and there she is. Not only is the town right on the water’s edge, the sea scape is simply astonishing in and round Oban. It both calms me and fills me with a sense of adventure. I am never more at home than when I can smell the sea.
  2. Community attitude Being a small town is both a blessing and a curse and definitely one of the supercool things that makes us want to live in Oban. Small towns are prone to town gossip and people feeling they have the right to insert an opinion on everything everyone does which can be grating. However in general I found that community spirit outweighed any of the extreme busybody actions that inevitably occur. (Take them with a pinch of salt and they can be quite entertaining) The first week I spend in Oban after we moved there when I ran an independent cinema  (that was actually saved and owned by the community) was a total eye opener for me. I had never, nor have I since, experienced anything close to that level of community spirit. I vividly remember walking along the high street to pick up some things for the cinema such as paint and found it impossible to pay for anything as every single business I went into insisted on gifting me the items we needed. People coming together for the common good is definitely up there on supercool things about Oban.
  3. The Arts / chips OK I’ll hold my hands up, I’ve sort of squished two cool things into one here… Oban and the Highlands in general has an absolutely fantastic Arts community. From painters and crafter’s through to theatre and literature events, there is always something going on in a town hall / old barn somewhere and the quality is outstanding. And a sneaky last supercool thing: the chips are amazing. Just Google the whole Rick Stein best chips fiasco if you want a great read of small town high drama…
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