My kid’s share the same birth date, albeit two years and a month apart. So with a month between their birthdays I decided this year to throw a joint party for them turning four and two. I figured I only have a few limited years were it will be deemed acceptable by my two to have a joint party so I made the most of it by throwing a Charlie and the Chocolate factory themed party extravaganza. Here’s how I pulled off the “best party ever!”*

*according to Aiden’s nursery pal Roddy, age 4

Pound Toy Party Supplies

The hall I hired was a huge space to fill with a bar area also that needed decorating so I knew I needed a lot of bright, colourful and reasonably priced party supplies. I found everything I needed at Pound Toy Party Supplies. They have a huge range and most items are just £1 so extremely affordable. The multicoloured Happy Birthday plates, cups and serviettes are perfect for so many themes and really make the buffet table pop. I also got Happy Birthday banners, reems of bunting and streamer decorations and was so pleasantly surprised at the quality of the products and the quantity.  I was able to completely decorate this huge space and have all the tableware sorted for almost 100 people for £50 which was an absolute bargain.

Cakes Angels Decorations

To me one of the most important things at a birthday party is the cake. We always had absolutely astonishing birthday cakes when I was a kid and so for this party my sister and I both made a cake and had our own mini bake off competition. I needed the upper hand so ordered these great cake sprinkles from Cake Angels. When they arrived I was so blown away with just how fun the packaging was that I decided I needed to share it with the party guests. I set up a kid’s height tuff tray table, bought some plain cupcakes and put the sprinkles out for the kid’s to decorate their own cupcake. It was a huge hit and the Cake Angel decorations are so easy to use and taste so good. As a vegetarian I was also very pleased to note they have lots of vegetarian options so no limitations for my two mini veggies.

Snazaroo Face paint Pens

I could not book a facepainter for love nor money as everyone who does face painting in my neck of the woods seemed to be on holiday / at a face painting conference? Luckily I found a pretty nifty solution in the form of Snazaroo Face Paint Pens. They come in packs of three and are ideal for parties and also just at home for playing on those long Summer days. Because they are pens they are also super easy to use for both adults and kids alike and create no mess.


When I was planning the buffet I knew what food I would be having (lots of sweets duh!) but I was stuck on the drink front as I didn’t want to give such young kids fizzy pop but wanted some sort of extra fun drink option. Yazoo turned out to be the perfect solution as it is no added sugar and coming in individual bottles made it all the more appealing to the kids. Everyone loved the chocolate flavour and the parents loved the fact that you could screw the tops back on whilst the kids bounced around and then come back to their drinks.

Party Entertainment by Rosie Cheeks

The party ran for four hours because I wanted to make sure all our friends travelling the five hour round trip had a good amount of leg stretching time. As the party was so long (I lost count at the amount of parents who text to check if the times on the invite were correct and then declared me “brave / mad” when I confirmed them) I knew that there had to be plenty to keep the kids entertained. There is a fantastic local company called Rosie Cheeks who have the most wonderful range of inflatables and whom I hired all mine from. They are constantly updating and expanding their equipment which means the quality is wonderful, there were no issues and the set up went like clockwork.

Their newest bouncy castle is a disco castle and the kids went wild for it. Keith had made a playlist and it was so simple to Bluetooth connect his phone to the amp. The race track with the wiggle cars was also extremely popular and not something I had ever seen at a party before. As well as the inflatables I organised a few simple party games with the chocolate egg and spoon race being the most popular. The time seemed to fly by and I think we got a good balance and had the right amount of activities.

Alternative Goody Bags

My least favourite thing about kids parties has to be the cheap goody bags filled with stuff that will go straight in the bin once home or break as we walk through the door. I therefore usually try and getting things like books for goody bags or play costumes. One year I gave out little animal plant pots with seeds that made it look like the animals hair was growing. This year with so many kids coming, I needed to plan wisely. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon these walking animal balloons on Amazon that work out as £1 each which is far far cheaper than even a cheap goody bag. They were a massive hit with both the kids and the adults.

Disclosure: we were sent some of these products in exchange for a fair and honest review.  As always, all opinions are our own and truthful.

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