​The fabulous Raimy over at Readaraptor Hatchling tagged me in the #Christmastag challenge so here we go. Challenge accepted. Let’s talk Christmas folks! 

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Oh man, we are starting tough. Ok well currently, this year, it is Arthur Christmas because I watched it recently with my boy when he was under the weather and it was exactly what was needed. It has fantastic characters (love Briony the elf!) and hilarious moments as well as just making you feel all warm inside. The Snowman and Father Christmas are also blooming favourites of mine from my childhood. They also mesmerised my 2.5 year old but he was so upset by the snowmen melting at the end so they have to be watched with supervision!

Have you ever had a white Christmas? Absolutely. When I was a kid down in Liverpool I am sure it was actually quite common for it to snow either on Christmas day itself or either side of it. This hasn’t happened in a long time though. Fingers crossed for this year ay!

Where do you usually spend your holiday? Always with family! It use to always be with my direct family (Mum, Dad and my wee sis) but in recent years it has actually been up with my partner’s family and my family have travelled up to Scotland to be with us too. This year we are heading back down the road to England and I could not be more excited! I am such a big kid at Christmas and who better to be a kid with than your own Mum and Dad!

What is your favourite Christmas song? Ha! Ok this is easy. I have one clear winner and it drives my partner absolutely crazy! My all time favourite Christmas song is The Power of Love by Frankie goes to Hollywood. It makes absolutely no mention of Christmas and yet when it comes on the radio you know Christmas is on it’s way. Keith insists it I nit a Christmas song at all but erm it is only played at Christmas and is always featured in top 10 Christmas song charts. It is also my beither in laws favourite Christmas song which really drives Keith crazy. Side note: Keith’s favourite is Let it Snow. Great song but erm predictable! 

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? Yes is the simple answer but I shall elaborate. I am half German. My Mum is the German half and also the driving force behind all celebrations in our family. She does Christmas and birthdays BIG and I will happily follow suit with my own kids. In Germany they celebrate on the 24th and as such we often open one present the night before Christmas here. One year my Dad actually went full on anarchist and decided we should just open all our presents on Christmas Eve so we could just enjoy playing with them all Christmas day. So we did and it was great! Since the invention of the Christmas Eve box, there is yet another thing to do on Christmas Eve and I love it. We got a box from my sister last year for my then 1.5 year old and it was do fun. We will definitely be keeping that tradition up. Basically the longer I can celebrate Christmas for the more I will. We also have Saint Nicalous on 6th December too. Win.

Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? No, and it annoys me no end every year. Right I’m going to try. There are nine right? Rudolf. Donna. Dancer. Prancer. Blitzen. Cupid. Stupid. Thunder. And blunder. Sorted.

Which holiday traditions are you looking forward to this year? We always always play some truly naff new game as a family in the afternoon/evening and everyone moans first and then everyone gets involved. Me and my sister are so competitive that the only way to keep the peace is to put us on a team together  (which isn’t really fair on everyone else as we are amazing!)

Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Fake. But it is expensive fake so looks real you know. Couldn’t bring myself to kill a tree and oh heaven the mess I have seen the needles make. No thank you. Ours is prelit and it is amazing. I am a little in love with our tree.

What is your all time favourite holiday treat/food/sweet? Oo gosh erm the one thing we have every year is my Mum’s homemade apple crumbe swimming in a sea of custard. Even if I am completely filled to the brim at this point, I always still have my crumble. 

Be honest, do you like giving or receiving gifts better? Honestly honestly, hand on heart, I love giving gifts better. Of course I love receiving them (nobody even try not getting me a gift!) but I absolutely LOVE finding the perfect gift for each person in my family and wrapping it all to match and then seeing how happy people are. I really hate people just asking for very specific things and there being no surprise so if this does happen, I always aim to get them something else small that will be a surprise and make them smile.

What is the best Christmas present you ever received? When I was a kid it was a Doodle Bear. I remember being desperate for that thing and being so happy when I got it. I think I only actually played with it a few times but on Christmas day I was so pleased Father Christmas had been able to get me it (I think me parents were struggling to find one so had started preparing me for disappointment).

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? Iceland. I have always wanted to get the whole family out there and doing full on Winter Wonderland experience with Northern Light’s, massive amounts of snow and the real Father Christmas. Although you know what, I actually most enjoy being home on actual Christmas so maybe Iceland the week before to see how Father Christmas is getting on in his workshop.

Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably? I once looked up jobs as a professional present wrapper as I enjoy doing the wrapping so much. I normally plan the paper, ribbons, and labels so noone in the same household has the same wrapping paper. This year however, shame of shames, my wrapping has gone to pot with two kids to look after. So this year no one’s paper matches and people’s names are just written directly on to the paper in Sharpie. I know, I am extremely disappointed in myself too!   

Most memorable Christmas moment? This is a bit weird but the one I remember most is when I was 14 and my entire family all got mobile phones for the first time ever. I didn’t want a mobile phone. I had no interest in having one but my infinitely cooler little sister desperately did so my folks got us all matching phones! I remember thinking well this sucks because I didn’t really want one but I actually really liked that we got a family group gift. Yeah I wasn’t a very cool 14 year old…

What made you realise the truth about santa? You know I don’t actually remember discovering ‘the dark truth’ but I think that is because my folks were very clever about the whole thing from the get go. My Dad told me when I was an adult that it had all sat poorly with him, the whole giant lie to those who trust you the most you know,  for no real reason.. Well my folks always told us that Father Christmas brought a few presents but that the majority came from your family. We were always very aware that we also bought (and wrapped) presents for other family members. I am trying to do the same with my kids so that when they do discover ‘the truth’ it has less of a sting.

What makes the holidays special for you? Hands down my family. Christmas would be absolutely nothing without them. I love our little Christmas routines. I love my childhood memories of waking up early and my sister coming and dragging her giant stocking up on to the top bunk where I slept and opening up our presents while Mum and Dad got a little longer in bed before we went and showed them every single present we had just opened from Father Christmas before going downstairs to see the living room covered in more presents. No chance to pause for breath. Christmas is magical because of them. And I am simply bursting with happiness that my children are now part of my Christmases. 

I am tagging the aptly named Hollie over at Thrifty Mum. Let’s hear all about her Christmas musings. 

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