I’ve never actually bothered with New Year’s Resolutions before. I’ve always been of the opinion that if you actually want to do something you will already be doing it and not need to wait for a whole New Year to make the change. However, as I get older (older not old!) I have come to the realisation that we live very busy lives, and sometimes (and by sometimes I mean always) parents put themselves bottom of the priorities list. With that in mind I thought I would take the middle of the night nursing time to write down what I would ideally like to achieve in 2017. 

So here in absolutely no order whatsoever other than what bounced into my sleep deprived brain first, are a few goals I am going to be working towards. Parents often face a lot of pressure I think, from family and friends, from society, and crucially from themselves. So whilst these are my 2017 goals and I shall strive to achieve them, nothing is set in stone. My primary goal for the year is to cut myself some slack. I AM a good Mum. Scrap that. I am a GREAT Mum! (I know this to be true as I am typing this at silly o clock, working with 1.5 hours sleep and a baby who has woken every hour on the hour all night long, and I am still also planning today’s fun activities to do with my toddler) 

On the with goals:

Fitness /health /weight 

Baby fat. Pregnancy weight. Winter insulation. Whatever you wish to call it, I have it and I don’t want it anymore. You seem to see two camps setting up nowadays when it comes to weight gained during pregnancy and how/when/if you loose it afterwards. One camp consists of those lycra clad Mums’ who are back at the gym with baby strapped to them by the end of the first week and back in their pre pregnancy size 8 skinny jeans at the start of the second. The second camp are the ones who are able to embrace their new bodies, the one’s who call stretchmarks ‘tiger stripes’ and the weight they put on to support the growth of a tiny human inside them becomes ‘caring curves’ afterwards.

Both can be Yummy Mummy’s if they are happy in their own skin. I however fall into neither of these camps. I don’t have the time or the desire to go to the gym daily but nor do I like my stretch marks and muffin top like I love chocolate. I am not ashamed of my ‘Mum’ body; it is a bloody awesome body for building, carrying, and delivering two brand spanking new people into this world, but it is not the body I want now. I don’t just want a skinnier body (because yes I do want to be slimmer) but  most importantly I want a healthier body. I want to have more energy and I know that being out of shape often contributes massively to my lack of this. So I wish to lose fat and gain muscle and strength in 2017. 

Because I love a good number crunch (and it takes no actual effort!), here are the stats:

Weight before children – 9 stone

Weight after Aiden – 12 stone

Weight before 2nd  pregnancy – 9.7 stone 

Weight after having Faye – 13 stone

Current weight – 10.2 stone 

Ideal weight – 9 stone 

So basically I have a stone-ish to shift. Let the games begin!


My main aims for my blog in 2017 are to grow readership and interaction and to write more. I only began blogging in October and I simply love it. I don’t write nearly as much as I want to and I have an ever growing list of post topics I want to write but haven’t had the time to tackle. So may blog aim is to write those pieces and have more people read my ramblings, because hell, I love hearing from other people at 4am when I’m nursing the littlest back to sleep.

Here are my number targets. My current figures are in brackets so when I look back I can see just how mad or not the targets were.

Twitter – 3k (1,050)

Instagram – 3k (790)

Facebook – 1k (380)

Pinterest – 500 (155)

Bloglovin – 100 (25)

DA – 25 (12)

Costume design 

Before I had my children I worked as a C.E.O and as Theatre and Arts Manager. I absolutely loved my job but as soon as I had my boy I realised I couldn’t go back. You don’t really get a part time theatre manager and I am not prepared to give up the time I spend with my children as they grow up, particularly while they are still so young, to go back to this job. I realise I am extremely fortunate to have my husband-man earn enough to support us whilst I stay and play at home until we have decided the kids will go to nursery for a few hours when they are each three. However,  I am so excited for when it is the right time to return to work as I have decided I will become a costume designer,  because well why the hell not! So although I won’t be returning to work in 2017, it is my aim to start a portfolio of designs so that I might go back to uni and do another Masters or so I can apply for some low level costume design jobs in the next few years.

Husband-man Date 

This one is pretty self explanatory. We can’t very well go on a ‘real’ date currently as Faye is only 5 months, exclusively breastfed and I don’t express, so she needs to be with me always. However, she will soon be able to go longer between feeds and will start solids at 6 months so maybe, just maybe, Keith and I will get to go out somewhere, eat some food and maybe watch a film or something all on our own! 


My aim with breastfeeding is to make it to 14 months as I did with my son. I am an absolute stickler for trying to ensure my girl doesn’t miss out on anything purely because she is the second child. I am determined to have nursed them both the same length of time for both that reason and for all the wonderful breastfeeding benefits too of course. With Aiden my original goal was six months so I was super happy I managed that and well, once you’ve cracked it and don’t hit any snags, you just keep going. Aiden near enough weaned himself off at 14 months as he only ever fed for a few minutes in the end, first thing in the morning and never once asked for it at other times. It worked out really well as I was ready to stop breastfeeding too (although would have been happy with a little longer). I get the feeling it is going to be extremely sad stopping with Faye in 2017 as she is my last child. 


2017 WILL be the year we buy our first house. We have wanted to move back to Oban ever since we left and this year we will do it. Now we just need to find the right house…

Read a book 

I have two Master’s, both in Literature. The last time I read a book, and this is no exaggeration, was in the few months after Aiden was born when I read approximately every single baby/parenting book out there. That was about 2.5 years ago. With Faye I am all, I know everything about babies (ha. Curve balls always bring thrown my way by little miss) so I haven’t even read a baby guide book. My goal for 2017 is to read a book. And not a parenting book but just a proper grown up adult who isn’t studying to answer Mastermind on babies sleep patterns, book. Any and all suggestions as to a good read are very welcome.

Learn to knit

This final aim of mine is a bit out of the left park. I want to learn to knit. I can embroider, and love it, bit I simply can not knit. My Mum knits absolutely beautiful hats and things for the kids and tried to teach me when I was pregnant with Aiden. I failed hopelessly,  and I hated it. Well bring on round two because I want knitted legwarmers and nowhere sells them. I know! Missing a trick.

So that’s me and my resolutions.  I wonder how many I will manage. What are yours? Do we share any? You want legwarmers too now right.

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