When we were children we would spend our Summer holidays visiting family in Germany for a few weeks each year, and then we would spend another few weeks in Holland recovering from our family holiday. One thing that still sticks out vividly in my memory of those Summer holidays is all the wagons that families over there used. Whether we were on the beach or going to outdoor pools or even round towns, every parent would be pulling a wagon laden with a child, (or four), and then precariously balanced picnic items and just about anything else you could possibly need on a family day out/week away as they really were piled high! As soon as I had my second child then I knew I too wanted to get a wagon to make days out easier but they seemed non-existent in Scotland. Lucky for me, Yippieyo appeared and although they are based in Germany, they do ship happily to the UK.

Firstly the Yippieyo arrived very well packaged and in a size appropriate box which always pleases me as I get a lot of parcels poorly packed. The wagon itself came with instructions in German. I happen to be half German but actually even if I hadn’t have been able to read them I would have been able to set the wagon up easily enough as it come near enough fully assembled. The remaining few bits and piece that needed tightening into place only took a few minutes to do and then we were ready to go. You also don’t need any additional tools or skills to assemble it so it can be do e instantly.

For our first outing with the Yippieyo we decided to take it on a family day out to a local castle that was having a special Viking reenactment day. Now both my kids will happily walk this terrain normally however on this day the events were to take place between midday and 4pm. My kids normally nap after lunch 1pm – 3:30pm. Normally we wouldn’t risk the inevitable upset of missing a nap however I decided that if we took wagon the kids would have somewhere at least to rest. Well it worked an absolute treat! The kids hoped in and out throughout the day and when we thought they were getting a touch over tired we put them in the Yippieyo and took a relaxing stroll through the woods which they loved. Neither child fell asleep but they have done on another trip since so I now know they can even nap in the wagon.

The large wheels mean the Yippieyo is so much better for rough terrain than a buggy. The ride is comfy for the children and my partner commented on how surprised he was at the quality of the suspension. We went over fields, through rough woodland, and down to a pebble beach, and no issues on any of it. The wagon itself is also surprisingly light so if you did need to lift it over a fence for example then you simply fold it in half and it can be lifted by one person.

Safety wise the Yippieyo features excellent 5-point harnesses which keep wriggling children firmly in their seats. The kids have told me the cushion and seats themselves are very comfortable and they certainly look very happy and safe on their rides. There is also plenty of room for two children to sit in the wagon. My two are almost 2 and 4 and are very tall for their ages but I can see them both fitting in here for a good while yet.

Overall we are absolutely in love with our new Yippieyo wagon. The design is perfect for easily putting in the car boot and taking on an adventure. The wagon is easy to use and set up which means we can store it away quickly too when not in use. The ride is comfortable for both children and adults and the simple seatbelts mean the children can hop in and out as much as they like whilst still always being safe.

If I had to give one negative it would be that there is a bit of a nack to making sure the tow bar is secured properly. The trick is not to overtighten it but once you get this it is simple enough.

My favourite part of the design I think is the ability to clip the shoulder bag that comes with the wagon on to the back. This allows you to put everything you need on the wagon securely but when you wish to leave the wagon parked up you can very simply, with two clicks, release the bag and carry it like a normal shoulder bag. This means your hands are free when pulling the Yippieyo but you aren’t restricted with what you can take on a day out. We are certainly looking forward to a whole load more days out that we wouldn’t have attempted before we got the Yippieyo.

Disclaimer: We were sent this wagon in exchange for a fair and honest review.  As always,  all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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