It is that time of year again. That time of year where your Facebook feed fills up with posts about that naughty elf getting up to all kinds of antics for about 5 nights and then you have another 20 days of posts from desperate parents moaning about how much they hate said elf who they wish would jump off said shelf. As well as fed up parents, this year I have noticed an alarming rise in elf posts where it is insinuated (or outright bragged about!) that the elf has been used to put the fear of God (or in this case, the fear of Santa and a withholding of presents) into their own children.

Now I’m all for having fun with imaginary elves (heck I’m up for moving kid’s toys round in the dead of night armed with cheereos, a glue gun and Pinterest, every month of the year) but I will not use something so wonderful and so pure as a child’s imagination as a scare tactic to ‘make them behave’. Not very Christmassy folks, and certainly not the Christmas spirit I wish to teach my two about. Enter then, our answer to the elf problem; The Kindness Elves!

The Kindness Elves began their story in November 2013 when Anna, a Mum if four, decided she, just like me, was fed up of the naughty elf tradition and the creeping sense of entitlement that offen surfaces particularly round Christmas when consumerism is at an all time high even for kids. She made the Kindness Elves for her children and the simple idea proved so popular it soon spread. Now the Kindness Elves are available in a whole variety of colours and come with their very own architecturally designed house  (my kids absolutely ADORE the house!) to spread their kindness mantra across the globe.

Our Kindness Elves were running a tad late from the North Pole as there are a lot of them heading out this time of year, but they did send on a Magical Toy Shop Kindness Advent Calendar ahead of their arrival. I typed a letter explaining that although the elves obviously love toys, they love kindness best if all and would my two help them spread some kindness during December. Well Aiden was beside himself with excitement and super keen to get going.

I had bought this beautiful cloth advent calendar off Ebay but if you are feeling crafty you could make one yourself! I typed up 24 acts of kindness with accompanying pictures so the kids could guess the kindness which was eally interesting hearing what they thought would be an act of kindness.

So far we have taken the police some biscuits to give them energy to catch the bad guys, drawn a picture note to hide in a library book, made friends with new people at nursery, and sorted out some old unused toys to give to the charity shop. Aiden is still excited every day to see what the Kindness Elves would like us to help them with and the thing that I have found most beautiful has been his kindness in general and awareness of how people are tarting others has just skyrocketed. He is asking to do things just because they are kind and will make someone smile and there has been no need to warm him that any creepy shelf eld is watching him!

The elves have now arrived after a journey through snow and ice and both the kids are besotted with them. We have names them Buddy and Holly (!) and they have been brought up to speed on all the lovely kind things we have been doing waiting for them to arrive. The came wonderfully presented in their own house box which includes a working post box which we have yet to use as we have the advent calendar but will be leaving notes in in the future. They are such a simple idea but they work so perfectly and bring such joy. After all though, the best things are often the simplest and purest.

Disclosure: We received the Kindness Elves in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful.

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