I discovered a while back that when people need to describe me physically to others there are two things that seem to be the go to decriptions they use 1. Insane wildling like hair 2. Most likely wearing boots. Even I, boot lady and all, have had to give the boots a little rest in this recent heat wave. You can imagine then how happy I was last week when the heat subsided and I felt justified in buying a pair of stunning Dubarry Longford boots all ready for Autumn / the usual Scottish Summer!

Living on the West Coast of Scotland and working at a predominantly outdoor heritage site I have more cause than most to wear boots a good 97% of the year but even if you don’t wear boots quite as much as I do, you should invest in a decent pair. Over the years and through testing a huge variety of brands and price ranges, I can firmly vouch for the fact that with cheap boots you aren’t actually making a saving, just speeding up the next time you will need to buy boots. This year then, I have well and truly pushed the boat out with my boot buying and invested in a pair of Dubarry Longford boots which I have lusted after for years. So let’s see how the dream boots fare up as I put then through their paces.

The Longford boots are available in three colour options and I went for the Walnut as to me this is the quintessential Dubarry look that I first fell for. I also choose the Longford boots over the many other Dubarry models because they are a taller boot. They still come up below the knee but are higher than a calf boot so were exactly what I was looking for. That additional height, I think, allows them to cross from more of a working country boot into a working country boot that is not out of place in an urban setting or in my case at meetings on site at work.

As soon as the boots arrived I knew I had made an excellent decision. You can see the quality straight away in both the materials used and the craftsmanship in construction. No frays or blemishes and you know they are a good sound structure when they remain bolt upright with no sagging on their own. I love that they do half sizes as I usually wear a 6 but wanted a little more room for Winter socks egg but knew a 7 would be too large. The 6.5 is a dream for so I would definitely say they are true to size too.

As well as being a highly attractive boot (so many compliments and I’ve only had them a week!) they are also a very practical boot. They are insanely soft and comfy inside whilst keeping you dry with their complete water proof exterior. The grip on the soles is very good too which is often the area that lets a lot of knee high boots down when they cross over into fashion boots too. I would wear these with confidence going out on all terrain and frequently do at work. They have no zips so it is a bit of a wriggle to get your feet in but I think this is going to ensure the boots last longer as often the zips break or the opening and closing is what wears the other boots I have had down. Dubarry have added little tags either side of the top inside if the boot to help pull them on which works nicely too.

I would most definitely recommend Dubarry boots to anyone looking for a beautiful and excellent quality boot that will stand the test of time both in terms of wear and tear and also fashion wise. The only issue I have now is I sort of think I need them in black too…

Disclaimer: As a blogger and member of the media I availed of a special rate on these Dubarry boots in exchange for sharing my thoughts on my new boots. All opinions, as always, are truthful and my own.

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