This time last year Aiden started forest school and my main concern became his footwear. We were advised that the kids should wear wellies all year round but after a few weeks with regular wellies I was at my wits end as he would always come home with freezing cold feet that were also either wet from the rain or damp from sweat. To say I was thrilled then when another Mum told me about Warm Wellies, would be an understatement. I worry about my kids all the time and this was a very simple and very practical way of totally getting rid of a whole area of worry for me.

Aiden wore his last pair of Warm Wellies all year road. He told me after the very first day wearing them that he loved them because he didn’t have cold feet once and his socks weren’t soggy. It was an absolute no brainer then this year when I decided both the kids and myself needed new wellies to make it through Winter, that we would all get Warm Wellies.

Warm Wellies have been designed by a farming family who understand the need for wellies to not just keep you dry for an hour but to be suitable to be worn and to work in all day long. They developed the neoprene lining that ensures the feet are comfortably cushioned and kept lovely and warm. They of course are 100% waterproof. Our two year old can attest to this as her absolute favourite thing to do is jump in puddles now she knows I won’t try and stop her because there is no need.

Warm Wellies are available in both green and purple and both look great. The Warm Wellies company have this year also released a wider fitting wellie. Whereas I wouldn’t benefit from this, both my Mum and my Mother in Law have told me in the past what a struggle they have finding a wellington that fits them so I just know this will be hugely popular.

Warm Wellies are wellies which meet the highest standards. They are insanely comfortable as well as being stylish. They hold up to being used every day, which you can’t say about most wellie brands. They will keep your feet so fantastically warm and always dry that you’ll want to get a pair for every member of the family, just like us!

Disclosure: We were sent these products in exchange for a fair and honest review.  As always, all opinions are our own and truthful.

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