“I don’t know what’s wrong. I wish she could just tell me!” Babies might not be born talking (wouldn’t that be both extremely handy and kind of freaky!) but that doesn’t mean they aren’t communicating with us all the time. From about five months old, every time either of my children cried or was grumpy but they had been fed and had napped, people would always ask “are they teething?” Well the truth is yes, yes they are teething and technically they will be teething for many many years to come but the important question here is does the teething upset them and what can I do to help them?
At Aiden’s last dentist check-up I asked our dentist what she thought worked best to help with teething babies. Well she told me, “dentists don’t actually believe in teething!” Having had no sleep AT ALL the night before (Faye was absolutely not not sleeping due to not teething..) I don’t think I hid my baffled / what-the-actual face very as she proceeded to nervously try to explain away teething as a sheer coincidence in babies timeline with putting fingers to mouth and thus being more likely to contract viruses, get a high temperature and end up with an upset baby. Whilst she might be on to something about hands in mouths and germs etc, I have to respectably say I don’t think that explains it all away and I believe teething most definitely DOES exist! So I left the dentist none the wiser as to how I could help my previously super chilled girl who was suddenly a dribbling screaming mini monster on and off, day and night, and I set about researching different products that might help Faye when she did appear to be teething.
So back to those talking babies. The experts (they’ve been in the business since 1860 so they know a thing or two!) over at Nelsons kindly shared with me their thoughts on spotting teething signs, just in case you aren’t quite fluent in baby communication just yet.
You can check if there are any actual teeth emerging through the gums by running a clean finger along the gum lines to feel for any small ridges. The most common signs of teething can include dribbling, red cheeks, swollen or sensitive gums and lots of biting and chewing.
Now what do you do if you see one, or two or even all of these tell tale signs in your child? Well over the last month I have basically tested everything I could lay my hands on (or at least a significant cross section of what is currently available to help teething babies) and for your ease (hey us parents have to stick together right?!) I have listed them all here (in no particular order) with mine and Faye’s opinions of the product, the price, and where to buy them incase any seem like a good fit with your little one. If I’ve missed anything I’d love to hear about it and also if any of these have worked for you, please do comment away as it would be interesting to see if there is a firm favourite.
Crystal Buddha Anklet
I don’t think I have met a parent yet who has used an amber piece of jewellery for teething purposes and who hasn’t told me it worked wonderfully for their child. My Mum had got Faye an amber necklace but she hated wearing it when she was laying down and I was a bit nervous of the risks a necklace posed while she is so little. This stunning amber anklet from Crystal Buddha was the perfect solution. Faye wears it all day but not when she is sleeping. As it is on her ankle it doesn’t bother her at all. It is designed so that there are knots to separate each amber piece so if it were to be pulled and snap there would be the least chance possible of baby being exposed to tiny pieces which posed a choking hazard. The lovely folks at Crystal Buddha do advise that you never leave it on your baby while they are sleeping or unsupervised and I think that is very good advice for any baby jewellery however many great safety features it has. I love this anklet because it looks so beautiful and fits perfect (you get instructions on how to measure your little one for the right size). The first night after Faye started wearing the anklet was one of the best nights sleep she has had in weeks. Unfortunately since then the night’s are hit or miss so I can’t conclusively say if it works or not. I can however say that it does no harm. It looks gorgeous and she seems calmer and happier now than she did when she first started showing signs of teething.  And that, well that is good enough for me! You can order an amber anklet from Crystal Buddha here and ours is priced at £8.
Nuby Icebite Teething Keys 
As a Nuby Brand Rep Faye got sent a variety of items last month and it is safe to say that these teething keys have been the thing she has used the most; chewing or playing with them every single day. You can put them in the fridge (never freezer remember!) to cool the special gel inside them. Faye really loves when I do this especially on days were she seems to be teething ‘more’ but I’ll be honest I often forget to do it at night. Luckily she is happy enough with them even when they aren’t chilled as they have a great variety of textures for her to explore with her gums and so many colours for her to look at. They cost £4.69 and you can get them from the Nuby website here. While you’re there you’ll see lots of other teething products too that my Mum pals absolutely swear by so I’m confident that there is something for everyone.
Sophie the Giraffe 
Aiden had the origional Sophie and he loved the texture but struggled to hold it when he was very small, plus the squeak really really annoyed me. I was intriqued then to hear that the brand now also have several other designs featuring the same textured natural rubber that kids seem to adore (as a grown-up it goes through me like the nails on a chalkboard but hey I’m not the one chomping down on it). Faye tried out the So Pure Multi-textured ring teether priced at £13.99 and she really loves it. Straight away she liked the ‘taste’ of it and she also found this one of the easiest of the teethers to hold right of the mark. I particularly like it because it doubles up as a toy and encourages fine motor skills with the movable different shapes that Faye enjoys spinning and moving along when she isn’t chewing on it. An excellent teether / toy which is always handy when out and about. You can check out the other designs on the Sophie the Giraffe website here and if you enter the amazing giveaway at the bottom of this post you will see it includes, amongst many othere things, a So Pure Sophie teether which is designed for even younger babies and looks great.
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach Teether Stage 2
This Tommee Tippee teether cost £5.46 and was the first teether we tried with Faye. The handle grip is great for little hands and the circular design means you aren’t worrying about baby pushing it too far into their mouth. This is a stage 2 teether which is specifically designed for the front molars and tender gums so it will be interesting to see when Faye is teething with those teeth if it works particularly well. For now though as she has no teeth but tender gums she enjoyed the ease of holding it and that we could chill it in the fridge. I thought the additional design detail of adding ridges where you can place teething gel on to was genius. It means that when the child is chewing away they are also massaging the teething gel directly into their gums so no more struggles trying to stick my fingers in her mouth.

Cheeky Chompers Neckachew
Who remembers seeing these on Dragons Den a few years back and screaming at the TV when no one invested? Yep me too! Well thankfully baby dribble beats dragon fire every time and the Nechachew business is thriving. I got one as a gift when Aiden was first born and it was our favourite practical bib by far. Even though it was used the most out of all his bibs it was the bib that looked new the longest. Designed to tackle a common problem with a simple solution, the Neckachew it a chew toy for teething that doesn’t keep falling to the ground because it is attached to the end of the bib! Faye is always grabbing her tops to chew so this bib is ideal to stop that. They have a whole range of design options at their website here where you will find this beautiful rainbow bib for £12.99. Not only is the idea and the design of these bib absolutely spot on, the quality of the materials used is first class. They are super absorbent so dribbles don’t stand a chance either. Faye loves it and I do too, in fact I bought another. As part of the fab teething bundle giveaway, the folks at Cheeky Chompers have sent us Chewy the hippo teether who looks like he will be great fun to get teeth stuck into. All information on the giveaway is at the bottom of this post.
Nuby Teething Bib double set
Not dissimilar to the Nechachew from Cheeky Chompers, these bibs from Nuby feature a chewable end and are also reversible. They do exactly what they claim to and are lovely and colourful. If I hadn’t have encounter the Cheeky Chompers version I would have said these are the best bibs out there for teething but the truth is the Nechachew is higher quality. The Nuby ones are still great and I use them weekly with Faye but they are made with a thinner fabric. On the plus side they come in a double pack and are £5.75 for the two which is an absolute bargain price of £2.88 per bib compared to £12.99 for the Neckachew. I would say a combination of the two brands is a great solution! You can buy these ones from the Nuby website here. 
Now the next few items are something I never used with Aiden as I didn’t know about their existence but they have fast become some of my favourite teething (and nursing) tools with Faye. I love teething necklaces. Absolutely genius idea. You always have it on you so great to make sure you never leave the house without something for baby to chew on. They are designed to be pulled at and not snap so help save your ‘real’ necklaces. And all these ones meet strict safety regulations alongside being beautiful and functional. I loved all the necklaces I have tested out here and all for slightly different reasons which I have mentioned with each product.  All of these independent stockists have other really beautiful pieces of jewellery available so I would suggest you have a good ol’ nosey round their websites for a design you like. Quality wise, all of these companies are top notch.
Don’t forget to enter the giveaway too as there are some lovely necklaces up for grabs as part of the wonderful prize.
Halia Rose Teething Jewellery / Elephant Chew Toy
Even though I actually liked and wear all the necklaces reviewed here, I will admit I have a favourite and that is the Halia Rose ‘Petals’ in ginger. Strangely enough it is nothing at all like the jewellery I would wear if I didn’t have tiny hands grabbing at everything in sight and sticking it in their mouth. This is a bold necklace and that is why I love it so. It adds a pop of colour to my often pretty dark wardrobe and straightaway grabbed Faye’s attention. The ‘petals’ are a great size for Faye’s mouth as they are just a bit narrower than most other teething necklace cubes as well as perfect for her to hold in her hands. The ‘Petal’ necklace cost £13.50  and can be found on the Halia Rose website here. Also available from their website are the most adorable Elephant teething toys that Faye adores. They cost £7 and are so fantastically simple but so neat and small that they are my go to for when Faye really wants to just bite down into something. I also found it the best teether to just slide in my pocket as it is about the size of a credit card and nice and compact. Halia Rose have kindly send us a beautiful Indigo teething necklace as part of our giveaway so be sure to enter below to be in with a chance of winning.
Num Num Hannah Teething Necklace and Teething Bracelet 
This is probably the longest length of all the necklaces we tried out and Faye really loves wrapping her hands round it when we are breastfeeding.  Teething wise the different shapes hold her interest well and they are also small enough for her to chew on comfortably. Style wise I think this is a very pretty and feminine necklace that is going to go great with my Summer dresses. It costs £15.99 and you can buy direct from the Num Num website here. If you pop over to the website you’ll find Num Num also sells bracelets for teething which I also tried out. Like with the necklaces, I think this is a fantastic way of carrying a teether on you. The bracelets are a chunky bracelet so not exactly delicate or anything but they work great as a teether that Faye loved holding and chewing when we were out and about. They cost £7.99 and come in a whole range of colours so if you are happy wearing a large bracelet these are a great addition to the teething jewellery family. If you want to try a Num Num bracelet out why not enter the giveaway as both bracelet and a beautiful rainbow necklace are part of the prize.
Pebbles & Lace Necklace 
I’m not a huge pastel colour fan however I do love purple and I also think the colour combination here is beautiful. Faye found this necklace a bit of a struggle to start with size wise but in the last week she has been much more able to happily chomp down on the different beads. There are a variety of styles available and lots of colour variations which is always a good thing. You can buy this one for £11 on the Pebbles and Lace website here. 
Little Buds Drop Necklace and Bunny Rabbit Teething Toy
I liked this necklace for it’s understated presence. It is completely unlike any other teething necklace I have seen and I think it works great if you don’t want your necklace to distract from the rest of the outfit. Faye loved holding the pebble shape with her fingers through the center hole. The drop necklace cost £7 and Little Buds necklaces are the cheapest teething jewellery I have come across. On the website you will also find the necklace which is included in the giveaway competition at the end of this post. As well as necklaces, Little Buds make these absolutely adorable bunny teethers. Faye is mad about chewing on fabric so these are ideal. The fabric is different in texture on both sides and also makes that fab crinkly baby toy sound which Faye goes gaga for. She is so far less interested in chewing the wooden bit but uses it successfully to hold and chew the bunny ear section. I love that these bunny teethers have no plastic in them and they are a bargain at £5. You can buy them and a whole host of necklaces from the Little Buds website here.
Nibbling Teething Necklace 
The Nibbling Shoreditch necklace is the shortest in length of the necklaces I have tried but that just puts it at the perfect level when you have your little one snuggled in to you which when they are teething seems to be often. The colours are so fantastically 80s I love them. Faye also was drawn to the necklace and seems to really enjoy the different shape pieces. Another element I love with this necklace is the black thread as I think it makes it more classy. You can buy this limited addition necklace for £19 from the Nibbling website here. They have a huge range of teething jewellery including a beautiful yellow one that you can win with the giveaway below.
Nuby Tooth Brush and Oral Hygiene set
Oral Hygiene is so important and I’m pretty sure you already know that. What I have been shocked to find talking to other Mum’s though is just how many people don’t brush their kids teeth or say they will just wait till their adult teeth come in because the milk ones fall out anyway! Well simply put, no no no that isn’t ok. If you want just one simple reason why you brush early I’ll give you one: gums. And if you want another reason for starting oral hygiene early then I would say it is much easier to get a baby use to something like brushing regularly than it is a strong willed toddler or pre schooler.
The Nuby Tooth Brush set then is the perfect introduction to cleaning your babies teeth. It has three different sized tooth brushes made of a variety of materials. From standard bristles when they reach a year old, to two different massage brushes made with smaller bristles and a soft plastic head so they are suitable from 3 months. The bit about this set that both Faye and I absolutely love most though is the silicone massager suitable from birth. The parent simply wears it on their finger like a thimble and cleans baby’s mouth with it regardless of teeth or no teetg. It has three different textured sides and Faye absolutely loves getting her gums cleaned. Because you wear it on your finger it is a lot less scary for the baby and the parent has total control as to how far back you are cleaning in their mouths. The set costs £6.99 and is available from the Nuby website here.

Brush Baby Set
Brush Baby have done a lot of research into early oral hygiene and are working really hard to ensure people are brushing their baby’s teeth / gums from as early as possible. They sent us over a few products to try as well as some really interesting leaflets about oral hygiene which just highlighted how strongly they feel about this. They also included a set of brushing achievement stickers and a monitoring chart that while it wasn’t applicable to us (Faye at 6 months hasn’t a clue what a sticker is and Aiden has always brushed his teeth from a few months old so has never needed any incentives) I can imagine these would work well with some children. The chewable toothbrush they sent was Faye’s favourite as it is so super soft she can so easily hold it herself and as she chews it cleans all her gums. It costs £4.99 and along with the other items I am about to mention, can be bought from the Brush Baby website here. The apple mint tooth paste cost £2.35 and I have tried it myself and it us yummy. I would say on a personal note I don’t approve of flavoured toothpaste other than mint and this is on the borderas it its sweeter although still mint like. I know it would help kids who don’t want to brush their teeth but fortunately that it’s not the case with my two. The final product they sent us was the My first brush and teether set that sells for £6.75. It is suitable from ages 0 – 18 months and consists of a tiny tooth brushes and a teether brush. They Tony tooth brush is pretty standard but it is the teether brush that I thought was a really smart ideal. It is like a tooth brushes but the bristles are silicone so softer on the gums. They are also on both sides if the head. And the best part is you add a guard half way up the handle so that baby can hold the brush themselves but is unable to shove it dangerously into their throat. All these products are built with small hands in mind and they certainly were a hit with Faye because of that.
Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules 
Anyone I know who has tried Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules swears by them and I am no different. I don’t want to be giving my children painkillers like paracetamol all day long so I reserve it for extreme situations like actual temperatures. Of course all the products in this post will help with teething but when I find us stuck between not so bad she needs calpol but worse than a wee chew on my necklace can hack, then I call on Nelsons. The granules act extremely fast and the relief seems to last a few hours. With them being homeopathic I feel fine giving them to my children and both they and I enjoy the relief they bring. Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules cost £5.85 per box and did can be bought from Nelsons website here.
I’ll be honest with you, I had not heard about Bickiepeg’s until I started writing this post. I stumbled across them because they were invented and are manufactured by the same people who brought you the Doidy cup (if you don’t know what one is, Google them as they are seriously cool!) and we are big fans of the Doidy cup here.
Bickiepegs then are a (very) tough biscuit that doubles as a teether.  They have a strap that goes round babies wrist so they make the idea snack to chew on whilst out and worried about food dropping on the floor all the time. They are the perfect size for little ones hands and Faye seems intriqued by them. They are no added sugar which is very important to me as I want to ensure my kids have a good balanced diet for their future health and I have found a lot of baby biscuits have a ridiculous amount in. A lot of research has been done in relation to the design of these teething biscuits and you can tell. I would say though you are only issued with two tie ribbons per box that you thread onto the biscuit so I often just gave Faye them without the tie ribbon. They encourage the child to practice chewing and work on their jaw muscles as well as helping to encourage her first teeth in coming through. You can find out more information and how to buy your own Bickiepegs from their website here.
Do you have a teething wee one or a newborn? Perhaps you are pregnant or know someone who is? To help you be as prepared as possible we have assembled this mega teething bundle to help you through the tricky times. Just enter the Rafflecopter competition below to be in with a chance of winning. Take a look at all the fantastic items included here:
Halia Rose Kata teething necklace in Indigo (£15)
So Pure Sophie the Giraffe Teether (£10)
Nibbling Greenwich Yellow teething necklace  (£26)
Cheeky Chompers Chewy the Hippo Teething Toy (£12)
Num Num Teething Necklace and teething bracelet (£15.99 + £7.99)
Little Buds Teething Necklace (£8)
Bickiepegs (£2 per 9 piece box)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

>Disclaimer: All items except for the Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules, were sent to me for the purpose of an honest review. All opinions are mine alone.

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62 thoughts on “Teething Tools: Reviews and Mega Giveaway”

  1. Do dentists not have children?! How on earth can they think teething isn’t actually a thing?!
    This post is really useful, teething is just about to begin with my youngest. The tell tale signs are just beginning!
    #teethingtrouble is certainly on its way 🙁

  2. I always know my baby is teething because… he crys and throws his arms and has a little dribble come out the side of his mouth

  3. I always know my little one was teething because he wanted even more cuddles than normal. The teetha granules were amazing. Will definitely use them for baby two

  4. I always know my baby is teething because…. Well actually I can’t remember the last time I saw any of mine teething, but I do remember them being super grumpy when I noticed a new tooth pop up!

  5. This is a brilliant giveaway! I wrote a whole book on teething so I for one believe that it IS real! I have heard everything and read everything and I do talk about the fact that health practitioners do not believe that teething exists… it winds me up soooo much. I watched my son suffer through so much and I found such little help. It is crazy that there is still so little known about a development that can actually go for 3 years. I luckily no longer have a teething bubba but I will share this around xx

  6. I always know my baby is teething because… Ermm… well, I’ll let you know once Atlas gets a bit older – ha ha.
    But great summary of what is available, thanks for the heads up. Nomadi Daddy

  7. My son is currently teething and it really suffering with it. He’s been chewing on his fingers and anything he can find since her was 3 months (7 months now). My daughter never had an issue so this is a learning curve for me trying to find something that works!

  8. that is a fab selection of items for teething, I would be hopeful that at least one of these would work, if not a combination. I remember Bicky Pegs coming out when my youngest (almost 18 now) was teething

  9. I always know when my baby is teething because he dribbles loads, chews on everything in sight and it’s the only time he ever gets slight nappy rash. Thankfully he hasn’t seemed to suffer too much with it though.

  10. I always know my baby is teething because… Well, we’re not there yet as he’s too young, I’ll be looking out for red cheeks, dribbling, chewing everything, and swiping at his cheeks! These products look so useful in helping them to deal with it, such a difficult time for them.

  11. Would love to win for my daughter Molly – I always know she’s teething as she’s so grumpy and cries whether I pick her up or put her down

  12. What fantastic gadgets are available now, my baby girl is due our first grandchild in April. Abi is 25 and happily married to her new hubby Anthony who she married in July last year. What a year it has been! Looking forward to the wonderful years ahead with baby Heidi due in April xx Fourcandles

  13. I always know my baby is teething because he drools.constantly! No matter how many dribble bibs are piut on him he always manages to miss them! He’s been teething since around 8 weeks x

  14. I always know my baby is teething because Sofia’s cheeks go bright Red and she dribbles loads! She’s just cutting her first tooth which strangely is an incisor! So far so good 🙂 Great reviews on these! We are looking for a few new one’s to try xx

  15. My baby daughter Grace is teething, you can tell because her cheeks are red, we feels the need to chew on everything she holds, she is grumpy and she drools everywhere. I always use a product called anbesol liquid which I buy from Boots which really helps.

  16. I always know my baby is teething because he is super grumpy and wants to chomp everything in sight (leaving so much slobber everywhere)!!

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