On the 19th of May there was a wedding, I very important wedding. Aiden was the Page Boy and Faye the Flower Girl for their Uncle Murrie’s wedding to Aunty Jenni. With them having these roles in the wedding came set outfits that the bride and groom had chosen so I had nothing to sort out except myself. Or so I thought!

A few weeks before the wedding we found out that there was to be a rehearsal dinner the day before so I suddenly needed to plan outfits for four people from the Highlands of Scotland where the nearest proper clothes shops are about a 6 hour round trip away. Thank heavens for the internet and my discovery of Roco Clothing. Their website covers absolutely everything you could need to dress a girl or boy from head to toe in formal, or fancy dress clothes. The website is so easy to use and lets you know which items/sizes are out of stock before you add them to your cart (something that would drive me mad on other sites)

Keith has a grey suit so I decided I would run with that and all four of us would go with a blue/ grey theme. As soon as I spotted this stunning ice blue dress in the girls section I knew it would be perfect for Faye. The dress has a great shape to it, looking striking with the tool but not too large so as to restrict her running about and climbing as Faye’s nature is. She often wears jeans and a t-shirt at home but once she saw this dress and Cinderella’s blue dress she was overjoyed to put it on and twirl about.

The sizing on the Roco site is extremely helpful as it has the ages but also the height and width of all the clothes. Faye is 22 month but is tall so often wears 2 – 3 years. I was about to order this when I noticed the additional length measurements. A quick wriggle about with the tape measure and I actually discovered that the Roco sizes are not made small so actually the 18 – 24 months was the best option for us and fit Faye like it was taylor made.

We finished off the outfit with the most adorable and also extremely soft and comfortable like shoes. The have an adjustable Velcro fastening which is ideal as Faye has a high arch. The pearl detailed bows are so beautiful and Faye wants to wear her new shoes all the time. She happily danced the whole wedding reception away in them too as her official flower girl ones started hurting so we swapped these in.

The flower garland is beautiful and as it is adjustable it did fit Faye but could also fit me so would suit a whole range of people. I would say on Faye though she didn’t keep it on very long but that is more her character rather than the gorgeous garlands fault! The flowers and details look wonderfully detailed and avoid it looking cheap so I will definitely been putting this in storage till Faye is a touch older and has another event to wear it to.

Aiden wore a kilt as the Page Boy so he was very excited to wear a suit like his Dad for the rehearsal dinner. As soon as I saw this blue suit I knew it was the one and that it would look wonderful next to his sister’s blue dress (trying to get a photo of the two together however would prove much more of a challenge!)

Roco Clothing has an huge range of suits to choose from as well as the option of just buying blazer jackets and waistcoats separately if you like. I personally didn’t want Aiden in a black suit as it is just that bit too grown up for me with Aiden only being 3. The blue one was the perfect option as it is so wonderfully neat but also fun for him.

This suit, and many of the others on the Roco site, come with a whole host of options to enable you to get exactly what you want but all for a very reasonable price compared to having everything selected from a taylors. You could have blue waist coat, the and pocket square but as this is a Scottish wedding we opted for the tweed. I might be biased but I think my boy looks very dapper. Most importantly he could also move about in it easily and as it is high quality material and craftsmanship I didn’t worry about it ripping. As you can see he was keen to show me his wedding dance moves when we tried the suit on. Aiden is also tall for his age and so I ordered him a suit to fit a 4 year old and just like Faye’s it could not be a better fit.

Roco Clothing have an extensive range of children’s shoes too and when I ordered them after the outfits they sent them directly to the wedding venue for us which was a huge help. The boys brown shoes looked so dapper with Aiden’s blue suit. Faye was so happy to put the gorgeous Alice shoes on too after wearing a cheaper pair of non Roco shoes as the flower girl that had hurt her feet during the ceremony. The Alice shoes from Roco Clothing have a great cushioned support for little feet and are so much softer than other formal girls shoes I have encountered. I just know Faye is going to be wearing these every chance she gets now (and her dress too!)

Disclaimer: We were sent these products in exchange for a fair and honest review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful.

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