Last week we were hit with a double whammy. The kids and I found ourselves stuck indoors all week long both because of the weather and a wretched round of the cold that we just can’t seem to shake. Luckily for us our postie could still make it out to us through the snow at the start of the week to deliver the new (and highly anticipated by my three year old since a few days earlier) PJ Masks: Team of Heros board game.

I loved board games as a child and I haven’t played one myself for a good few years so I’ll admit I was also actually quite excited to have a go. We waited till Aiden’s little sister was napping as all those colourful little piece scattered about would just be too tempting for any 18 month old to knock down. I am very glad that we did set up the game when it was just the two of us because although it is actually a simple game designed for those aged four and above, Aiden is only three and a half and has never played a board game before so a bit of explaining was needed.

After the initial exasperation of me having to explain absolutely everything about board games to Aiden – “move the counter 3 spaces” “what’s a counter?” “What is a space?” “Can’t we just lock Romeo in my Lego hail upstairs?” – I finally had him understanding enough of the rules to play. The cards have simple to understand illustrations of what to do which includes a number of spaces to move which was great for working on Aiden’s reading skills. The game is like that throughout actually, ¬†multifaceted in many ways. With each turn you get to make a choice between two options on the card and it not only makes the game more interesting but it is lovely to see the kids weigh up their options and take ownership of discussions made. The game requires players to observe what is happening all over the board and to take time to decide what to do which is a great skill to teach children in general and makes it fun doing so. My personal favourite element to the game is that you play it as a team. Although you take turns moving the pieces and making decisions, you aren’t playing against each other which means no awkward winners and losers. You get all the benefits that board games can teach children such as taking turns, decision making, counting, observation etc but no drama at the end!

After ten or so minutes of playing, I fully understood the game and Aiden had a good 80% of it down too so with a few more games he will be there. We loved how well made the little figures are and the board itself is extremely sturdy and very attractive. Aiden has asked to play it every day since and I am sure his sister will equally enjoy it when she is a few years older. You can buy the PJ Masks Team of Heros game on Amazon for £21.99

Disclaimer: We were sent this boardgame in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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