We have arrived at the final post of my “Head to Toes guide to keeping the family warm outdoors” series which means we are focusing on the all important feet. They take us everywhere we need to go so we really need to make sure they are well looked after, supported and warm. Today I’m going to share some of our favourite brands that we wear when out exploring bonnie but often brisk Scotland.

Before we even look at footwear we really need to mention the all important socks. Normal socks do us on a day to day basis but when Aiden is outside all morning for forest school or when we head down to the beach on a chilly crisp afternoon, then we all wear our Wigwam socks. They are extremely warm, extremely breathable, and extremely comfy and every member of our family loves theirs in wellies or boots.

Last year I got my first ever pair of Hotter boots and I totally fell in love with them so this Winter when I needed a new pair of “town” boots I knew exactly where to look. The great thing about Hotter boots is that they are insanely comfy and insanely warm. With their Ruby boots you can also add extremely cute to that list. I get stopped at least once a week with people asking where they are from with their stylish faux fur trim and fab walking boot style lace ups. Hotter have a huge range of different styles of boots to suit everyone and I think these in particular are ideal to wear around town, for play dates or out on a real dinner date too. They are stylish and practical. ¬†Precisely what a West Coast Mum needs in her life.

I have always only had the children wear Clarks shoes as I think it is so important that developing feet especially wear only high quality shoes. Aiden needed a pair of walking boots that were more sturdy than Clarks fashion boots and we have been so pleasantly surprised by the quality of this pair from Mountain Warehouse. They look wonderful and Aiden was thrilled to have real walking shoes like Mum and Dad. The quality and materials used are fantastic and they have survived many a scramble across the rocks at the beach. We will definitely be returning to Mountain Warehouse for Aiden’s next pair and some for Faye when her feet are big enough.

Living in Scotland, scrap that, living anywhere in the UK, everyone I firmly believe needs a good pair of wellies. Up until a few months ago the kids just wore your standard supermarket character wellies however Aiden started forest school so wears wellies every single day now and I couldn’t bare the thought of him having cold feet all the time he was outside. Initially I just put extra socks on him but this isn’t great for the feet as they get really sweaty. Then another forest school Mum suggested Warm Wellies so we got Aiden and Faye a pair. I am a complete convert and will not put the kids in cheap wellies for any length of time ever again.

Warm Wellies use a neoprene technology that means unlike most wellies available on the high street, ¬†these are actually designed to keep your feet warm too as they retain heat. You can tell straight away that the materials used are much tougher and thicker (4mm to be precise) than normal and I asked Aiden if he noticed any difference to which he replied “yes, my toes weren’t cold today!”. Well that is good enough for me and I can’t wait to get myself an adult sized pair to match Faye’s beautiful purple pair.

I have never owned snow boots before but if ever there was a year to start it would be this year. This pair from Mountain Warehouse are perfect for me as they don’t look like snow boots so I can wear them any time I want to ensure my feet are toasty warm when we nip out for a stroll. I wouldn’t wear there if I was taking on a mountain but they are ideal along paths and down the beach on a chilly day. They are very padded so as comfy as anything to wear and they look great too.

Keith wears boots like me pretty much every single day all year round, so was thrilled to try out this pair by Pinewood from Kool Box. They are a walking / hunting boot and as Keith does both he is well placed to put them through their paces. Aesthetically he liked then straight off. They are not too bulky so look fine under trousers as well as over which Keith rated. He says the ankle support is excellent and as this has been an issue with previous brands I know it must be very good. He also said the arch support is much better formed than other bootshe has and the quality of the material and design looks like the boots will be very hard wearing. Overall they are a neat yet practical boot so ideal for outdoor adventures but won’t look out of place in the town.

Disclosure: We received some of these products in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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