When I was a kid my folks would constantly tell me that you loose half your body heat through your head, as they chased after me with fantastically itchy hats and scarves that got in the way of my serious playing. Well I am older and have Google it and discovered it is a myth. However, as a Mum now myself, I find I too chase the kids around from October onward trying to secure hats and scarves in place. You see although the heat loss bit might not be entirely true, I know having lived in Scotland for over a decade now, that you 100% feel happier outdoors when you are warm. Hats and scarves are good friends of mine and I am always on the look out for ways to keep them attached to my kids. Here then are a few solutions that I have found have brought my kid’s over to the warm side and actually voluntarily doning them as we head for the door.

Mountain Warehouse do a fantastic range of fun and funky hats with an extremely reasonable starting price of £2.99! Aiden has a wonderful dragon hat (£8.49) from them which he has been smitten with since he first laid eyes on it. It is everything you could want in a kid’s hat. The design is fun and appealing to children yet it does not substitute looks over functionality. This is a toasty warm fleece hat, made even more snug (and leas likely to blow off!) by it’s ear flaps. It goes to forest school with Aiden daily and comes home covered in mud. I can vouch therefore that it also holds up to a rigorous washing regime!

Even without Faye attending forest school she is still in and out of the car fetching and dropping Aiden off and if the weather is nice we often pop the beach just us two. For chilly windy days especially I need to know Faye is going to be warm and protected even when outside only briefly as she is still only little. This aptly named Double Time Fluff Bomb Beanie (£8.49) also from Mountain Warehouse is ideal. It is extremely thick with a double layer of fleece and wool and it holds it’s shape wonderfully so great for staying on small heads. Not only that but I think we can all agree it is cute as! Faye has had so many compliments about this hat and unless she decides she really wants it off, it stays in place very well.

Do you ever feel your kids are just so much better dressed than you? Well Aiden in this stunning neon pom pom hat from BUFF® Headwear (£19.75) and a Star Wars BUFF® (£18.42) has to be one of the coolest people on the planet. He was absolutely over the moon with the Star Wars BUFF® and wears it every day come rain or shine. It is ideal for children’s fast paced lives because unlike a scarf it doesn’t come undone or get caught on anything. I know it will stay on the who time he is at forest school and keep his neck warm even when he doesn’t zip his jacket right up. The hat is extra thick and we use it as his ‘neat’ hat because it is so beautiful. It really is ideal when living in the country and needing to be outdoor weather proof but also look presentable and dare I say it, fashionable, when heading into town.

Not one to miss out on anything, Faye has her very in Baby BUFF® in the form of a stunning Baby Forest Animals print (£18.42). It is so very soft so she always snuggles into it when I put it on. On warmer days it has also been very handy to keep her hair out of her eyes but mainly, like her brother, she wears it daily round her neck. So many other parents have remarked on how they had not expected these to be available in such small sizes so be sure to head over to the BUFF® website and checkout all of the many design and size options.

Now if the kids are out in all weather you better believe the grown-ups are too. It is only fair then that we too keep our heads well protected from the Scottish gales. BUFF® have a absolutely gigantic collection of head-wear to suit everyone and all occasions. Keith and I picked matching Colt Forest Night Beanies (it’s not sad, it’s cute!) that we both absolutely adore. Keith works as a commercial diver so his has to withstand life on the high seas. Mine has to keep me warm on the forest school runs and still look suitable to pop along to a playgroup with Faye after so to avoid that dreaded hat hair. Same hat, two different people, and it works wonderfully in both our lives.

I am wearing a Leaf Forest Night Wool BUFF® that I often use to keep my hair out of my face with the blustery West Coast wind. It is a beautiful subtle pattern which means it goes with most of my day to day outfits and it is so comfy I often forget I am wearing it. Keith wears an Afghan Graphite/black Polar BUFF® for his day to day at work and says it is product that is a firm favourite amongst the other guys too. The extra layer of fleece is really crucial when spending upwards of twelve hours exposed to the seasons.

So are you hat people? Does you little one keep their hat/scarf/BUFF® on? It would be a shame to miss all those outdoor adventures just because of the weather so I say wrap up and get out and about exploring. If nothing else, it is a great excuse to go buy some new accessories that I promise you won’t regret.


Disclosure: We were sent these products in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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