I think there comes a time in your life when selecting clothes you begin to put more weight on practicality that style. When you become a parent, that time happens pretty instantly. Or at least it did for me. After I finished breastfeeding Faye though I got a bit of my clothing freedom back and decided to get some new clothes that I felt really good in. Luckily for me I came across brands like Didriksons that have managed to combine both practicality AND style into their collections.

Mizzie Women’s Coat

As soon as I spotted the Mizzie coat on the Didriksons site I fell in love with the silhouette. I have always wanted a film Noir style mack and this one is pure perfection. In terms of style, this is exactly what I would have picked ten years ago before I had kids. Lucky for me it is both a timeless classic and practical! I toyed with the idea of going full sea-woman with the yellow version (such a fun Summer coat) but in the end my goth youth won over and I went with the ever striking black.

The coat is 100% waterproof and with its welded seams it is also windproof. It might feel like a light jacket but trust me, as someone who lives on the West Coast of Scotland with erm challenging weather, I can attest to both those facts being true and it being a very robust coat indeed. It has both Velcro and button fastenings to ensure the weather stays out and you stay warm as well as a clever ventilation system for those days it is raining but hot, which we do also get up here.

I particularly like how the belt nips the coat in at the waist to give that wonderful feminine feel and also how the hood is extra large so actually covers all my hair when showers come on. It is the perfect coat for popping out with the kids as well as wearing it out with my grown-up friends too. I feel like it is a statement piece with added value in that it is a practical statement piece that suits so many outfits I wear.

Kalix Kid’s Jacket (paprika)

When the kids are outdoors I always want them to be warm so Aiden had been wearing a ski jacket all Winter. Now however with the sun shining and him enjoying scooting everywhere, he needed a jacket that will let him move and breath in. The Kalix Kid’s Jacket from Didriksons is everything I wanted from a jacket for him and then some rather special bonuses thrown in too!

Firstly let’s talk about that hood because well it is all Aiden has been going on about since the jacket arrived. From a practical Mummy point of view it is perfect because it is a good, big hood so actually does what goods are designed to do (so so many jackets we have seen in the past have had pointless tiny hoods that do nothing). The addition of the transparent viewing panel means that Aiden actually leaves the hood up. Normally if he is out playing and the rain starts the hood goes up by me and down by him so he can keep playing and not trip up. With this jacket the hood was up even when it wasn’t raining. From a three year old’s perspective, the hood is simply awesome and means he is a firefighter, a fisherman, and a deep sea diver!

I love the Paprika shade and so does Aiden. So often boys clothes just seem to come in blue. Now I do like blue but it can get a bit samey when all your clothes are blue so I was very happy when Aiden picked this vivid colour especially for his Spring jacket. Added bonus for me is that I’ll pass it on to his little sister next year too.

The jacket features reflective strips for piece of mind when he is near a road and on his scooter. By far one of the coolest design features of the Man is though has to be that it grows with your child. That’s right, it actually has hidden extendable panels in the sleeves and round the edges so as Aiden gets taller so will his jacket. With how much Aiden already loves thus jacket, this feature is going to put off the inevitable disappointment of him outgrowing it for that much longer.

Disclosure: We were sent these jackets for the purpose of a fair and honest review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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