A few months ago I decided to set up and run a Lego Club for the kids in our town. Aiden is such a massive fan that he had asked to go to a club which didn’t exist and being a Mum and all, the obvious solution to me was to create one! It turned out that there are many many other kids who also love the option of a Lego and construction club and we have had several high turnout events so far.  Now I love Lego as much as the next guy (which in this town at least is a lot!) but I knew when I was setting up the club that I wanted it to be Lego AND other creative construction toys. At this week’s club meeting I got to premiere our first non-Lego toy with these magnificent Magformer sets.

We had previously come across this brand when searching for a birthday present just that bit different for our daughter last year. Both my kids have been huge fans ever since so I approached Magformers to see if they might be able to support the new club. The team over there are so kind and offer such great customer service that they very kindly donated these two huge sets to the club.

The Village Set includes 110 pieces (£139.99 down to £69.99 in the Summer sale until June 3rd!) and the Creative Set 90 pieces (£119). The range of pieces included is fantastic. We ourselves have a more basic set at home and were very impressed with just how much you get with these bigger kits. They likes of door and window pieces being included went down very well with the children who are more literal with their build, but the fact there are still pkenty of “non-descript” pieces allowed other children to really get creative.

As the can see, the kids at the club loved setting stuck in and building with the Magformers. The parents too really took a liking to them. They were particularly impressed with the quality of plastic and strength of magnets used as they noted they might have been weary buying online but once they saw and felt them in person they would definitely be adding them to birthday and Christmas gift lists.

After Lego Club finishes all the Lego gets stored away so it doesn’t get mixed up with our own stock pile, however my two insisted they get to keep the new Magformers out to play with this week in the garden as they make perfect outdoor toys too. They are very easy to wipe clean and big enough not to lose easily. Overall it was a resounding thumbs up YES from both my two and all the kids at Lego Club.

Disclaimer: These sets were a donation to the club but I offered to write a review so more parents can know about what great products they are.

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