The post title has sort of taken our thunder here but we have some very exciting news. Drum roll please as I introduce Faye and Aiden, Nuby Brand Rep Extaordinaires! We are all so excited to have been asked by Nuby to see what we think about some of their extensive product range.

Having owned and loved Nuby toys and products in the past, we can’t wait to see what new things they come up with. As always with our blog, it doesn’t matter to us if we have been gifted or have bought the items ourselves, we will be telling you honestly what we think of them. Faye and Aiden will be heading up the product testing team and I’ll be in charge of typing up the findings, because well let’s face it, the other way round just wouldn’t work! If I’m very good I might be allowed a play with some items under strict supervision from Aiden of course.

The first bundle of goodies arrived last week and I’ll tell you what has impressed me most and it wasn’t just the size of the package! Yes we got sent a lot of really cool, fun items and who wouldn’t love that, but it was the attention to detail, the customer experience, and individually tailoring the collection to my children that has impressed me and left me feeling all warm inside. You see Nuby focus mainly of products for 0-24 month olds’ and it was my teething and weaning 6 month old baby girl we first got talking about. I briefly mentioned my daring boy Aiden (he will be 3 this Summer) and I was so surprised to discover that not only had Nuby remembered him but they actually went that extra mile to make him feel included by sending him a robot cup and bath crayons. To say he was delighted would be an understatement!

I had told Aiden that the parcel from Nuby was for his sister before we opened it so that he wouldn’t be disappointed (at this point I didn’t know they had already thought of Aiden) and he was fine with that. Funny then that as soon as he laid eyes on the 360 Maxi No Spill Robot Cup he squealed “Ooo a new cup for me!” Design attractive to a toddler? Tick! He hasn’t let it out of his sight since and loves it. Aiden also keeps telling me his friend Nuby posted it to him which is just too cute. The cup is for 12+ months and although Aiden can already use an open cup to drink from, I find a closed one is definitely handy to have for taking out and about with us (fits spot on prefect into his carseat cup holder too!) It is also ideal to have left out as he plays at home to encourage him to drink more water. Aiden often forgets to drink during the colder months and while I am looking after a baby now also, having a closed top cup that works just like a normal cup does is great to reduce the chance of possible spillages and lower Mum’s anxiety level. The cup costs £4.99 and is available in several designs. We agree the robots are the cutest!

When bath time came round I was chuffed to have the Bath Crayons as the perfect incentive for Aiden to get out of his clothes and take a dip. Both my kids actually love bath time but Aiden is always busy playing with something else so doesn’t want to stop to have a bath. Once in the bath these were wonderful at keeping Aiden occupied as I washed Faye. With Keith working away, I often bath the two kids together on my own and Aiden always wants me to play while I really need to hold and wash Faye. With the crayons I could talk to him and ask him to draw scenes on the bath so he felt like he had my full attention but I still had both hands free to hold his sister. They are excellent value for a no tears bath time at just £2.80. On a side note, Faye had received the Octopus Floating Bath Toy as a Christmas present from a family member and it is a firm favourite too. Aiden likes the actual play element of getting the hoops on the tentacles, whereas Faye finds the rings perfect to chew on an I don’t need to worry about hygiene as they are so easy to clean. £4.99 in the shops and it will entertain bother baby and toddler.

Faye is about due to cut her first teeth and she is certainly chewing down on anything and everything. She gets frustrated biting on certain things and really enjoys munching on others so I was very excited to see these Icebite Teething Keys in our first Nuby bundle. I never had these with Aiden but I have seen them being used absolutely EVERYWHERE. Like all Nuby products they are so fantastically bright and eye catching that Faye was drawn to them immediately. They can be chilled in the fridge to really help cool and calm baby down when teeth are coming through. The three keys are made up of both soft cooling gel filled plastic and harder material which is covered in a whole variety of different textures so even without being chilled I have found Faye loves them. They are big enough for little hands to grab and move to their mouths themselves without being so big as to not fit in said mouths. I find them to be a great size to take out with us, easily fitting into my bag or even jacket pocket. Even when Faye isn’t wanting to chew on anything she has been entertained by the movement, sound, and feel of the keys because what child doesn’t love a set of keys! If all those weren’t good enough reasons to buy this for your baby then the price must be. £3.99 for excellent teething relief AND hours of fun is an absolute steal. And I keep thinking of more positives; they are super easy to clean with no annoying bits to get dirt trapped in. Ideal.

When babies teeth they dribble. Heck even when they aren’t teething they are probably dribbling or blowing raspberries (this is this week’s ‘thing!’ with Faye) Bibs are an absolute baby essential and as Faye wears them with some pretty darn tootin’ cute outfits, I aways want her bibs to look great too. Style wise, I was won over by the pointed bandana style bibs the first time I saw them. Bandana bibs seem to add rather than detract from an outfit and there are some beautiful ones available. When I first saw the 2pk Double Sided Teething Bibs that Nuby had sent I was very pleased to see great bright bold colours and a seperate design on each side making them twice as likely to work for wardrobe perfection. I then discovered the really special part of these bibs and that is that they also doubled up as teethers. They have a chewable bit at the bottom of the bib so the baby always has something with them to chew. If it falls out of their mouth, no problem it won’t fall to the ground. Even when it isn’t being used to chew it actually works really great to hold the bib in place. I have often found bibs have a life of their own and get all bunched up round the child’s neck but not these ones. The 2pk costs £4.49 which if you work it out as a double pack of double sided bibs that do double the things a normal bib does well, you do that maths. That is good value for money right there.

We don’t use dummies in our house. That is not a judgement I am making on anyone else’s choice, simply stating a fact that neither Aiden or Faye have ever had a dummy in their mouth even once. Obviously a lot if people do use dummies and a lot of babies get comfort and relief from them which us why Nuby sent me their Soothe n teethe set which contains one dummy and one Chewbie Teether. Even though the dummy was of no interest to me so I wouldn’t be buying the set myself, I do think the Chewbie Teether is really interesting. It sort of looks like a dummy in that it is around that size and it is because of it being smaller than any other teether I have seen that I found it interesting to try out. Initially Faye paid it no attention  at all and got a bit cross when I tried to put it in her mouth. I though ok well she doesn’t like that oh well and I sort of forgot about it. Then a few days ago Aiden found it when I was busy cooking and he gave it to Faye. Well she must have developed a better ability to hold smaller things since we started Babyled weaning last week as she suddenly was able to hold it and was actually quite taken with it. I will say though that she does prefer the teething keys mentioned about but this has been good for some variety. Side note: this is the other bib from Nuby. How cute is the design? We love girly things in colours other than pink all the time so this is my favourite side.

With Keith being a Commercial Diver we are big fans of anything and everything deep sea related. No surprises here then that the Activity Octopus that Nuby sent has been a big hit with Faye AND Aiden! It is bright and colourful as I have come to expect from Nuby products and also for a soft toy feels pretty robust. It has a vibrating feature when you pull on a fish bit. Aiden love pulling it and placing it on Faye who in turn giggles her head off. There are rattles, crinkly fabric and teething rings attached to keep little ones occupied and it is a good size to use as a toy to keep their attention when learning to sit independently. Faye actually plays so manically with her new pal that is was nearly impossible to get a photo of the two of them together as most came out like the second one here. The Activity Octopus costs £9.99 and even Aiden who could be seen as ‘too old’ has been won over by his charm.

Oral hygiene is so so so important and I think it is absolutely crucial to put good habits in place with children from as young an age as possible so I was really pleased to discover that Nuby have this 4 Stage Oral Care System – Teeth and Gums set available for children from birth. With Aiden I didn’t know about products like this however we did have this textured mitt for cleaning his gums before he had teeth and I think that routine meant we normally have no issues brushing his teeth now and he has a beautiful set of pearly whites. The silicone finger massager in this Nuby set is just wonderful. You can use it from birth and it has three different surface types to see what baby likes best. Faye is crazy about it and I think that is because it is part of my finger so she has no fear of it.  The massage brush is suitable from 3 months but as we are getting on so well with the silicone finger bit we have yet to try it out. Again, and this appears to be a common theme emerging here, this set is fantastic value at just £5.99.

So that is it folks. A whole load of seriously wonderful and good value for money products from Nuby. We are going to have plenty more fun with all these products and will keep you up dated on how we are getting along while we wait excitedly for the next parcel Aiden’s good friend Nuby will send! 

You can purchase all the above Nuby products direct from their website here.

Disclaimer: All the products in this post were sent to us as gifts from Nuby for the purpose of testing them out in our role as Brand Rep. All the opinions given are ours and truthful. 

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