I consider myself a bit of a moving home expert as I have moved a total of 12 times in 30 years, over half of those with Keith in the last 8 years. That is an average of a house move every 2.5 years and actually once annually since I met Keith. There was a point when we were living in Glasgow where we moved every six months for a good few years. Thankfully our latest move should be our last (or maybe second to last as I really do still want a grand Victorian house someday…) so I thought I would share with you the one thing, other than finding the perfect home, that I think you simply have to get right to ensure your move goes well. You absolutely must get a good removals firm. Scrap that, you need a GREAT removals company and luckily for us this time round we found the best. Hand on heart the best removals team I have ever come across (and by a long shot!) are The Home Removals Company.

Do you recall at school being told to remember the five P’s of success? Well it is the same here; to Practice Perfect Packing you have to Pay Professional Packers! Ok that’s six P’s but you get the gist. We have used several different companies to move before but never have we had the removals team actually do all the packing for us too. It was a game changer folks, especially for us as a family with a toddler and a baby running, climbing, swinging everywhere! We have also never used the same removals company twice as we were often disappointed but I can say with certainty that we would use The Home Removals Company if we ever moved again.

Moving house is stressful enough without all the additional stresses that come with trusting strangers to move your most treasured possessions so I was impressed that from the initial house visit to assess the move, Peter (the company owner) was able to put me completely at ease and the rest of the moving process was equally as efficient and friendly. On the initial assessment Peter came to our house and did a walk around with myself going over which items from each room were moving and any that were remaining. He used The Home Removals Company’s own website which has a tool that allows you to add all the items you wish to be included in the move in order for a quote to be generated. You can actually go directly on their website yourself and do this which I found so much more professional that other companies who relied on me remembering everything in a list format over the phone and inevitably them charging more later. This tool goes room to room and features all the most common items so you simply click what you have and fill in the address details to calculate a price.

I was emailed a summary of the cost of the move (although Peter was actually still with me at the time, that’s how fast it was!) and offered the additional service of his guys packing all our things for us the day before move day. The additional cost for my size of property and “stuff” with a team of four guys packing was £275 and I was expecting such a service to be much more expensive. You also have the flexibility to select partial packing and different size teams, it really is up to you. The final quote came in at £1,230 (remember we moved all the way up to Oban and with two vans!) and that was about £750 cheaper than any other quote we had received.  I told Peter straight off I was shocked at the value for money and we had a good chuckle at me being the only person to ever be able to tell him he really should charge more! (Lucky for you guys he doesn’t ay)

The next step was to set a move date. The Home Removals Company mainly move over two days. Day one they pack up the majority of your items in the afternoon, just leaving the essentials like your beds etc. The next morning they pack the remaining items and get on the road to make sure all goes smoothly and there is plenty of time to unpack at the new house. This set up worked like clockwork. The guys arrived, I kid you not, on the button at the arranged time. They did a walk around with us to make sure they knew all the ins and outs, and then they began packing like you’ve never seen! Because they have no emotional attachment to your items they can pack everything without sighing over every last baby photo etc but I was most impressed with the care they had for our items. Clearly the guys had been doing this for some time as they knew all the tricks to ensure everything was packed safely and not damaged. The guys advised us that once the packing begins on goes pretty fast and they weren’t kidding. On their advice we made a corner of the kitchen a ‘safe’ zone were we put things that we didn’t want packed up so things like the kettle and car keys etc. I thought I was all prepared with a handful of mugs and the biscuits in the safe zone but 20 minutes into the packing I offered the guys some tea and coffee only to discover all our cutlery was boxed already! I hadn’t even seen them going that room. Luckily we found a rogue tea spoon in the sink from Keith’s coffee otherwise the whole move might have been a lot more stressful as it turns out removals guys run on biscuits and a LOT of sugar in their coffee!

After a very merry few hours of packing (I was expecting the guys to breakout in a whistling tune they were so happy) and me pretty much walking from room to room looking a bit lost and trying to feed everyone chocolate as I had no other job to do, it was time to call it a night. The guys were back the next morning at 8am as promised and had the remaining items in the van and on the road by 10:30am. I had to collect the kids from their Nana’s so Keith headed up with the vans and when I arrived a few hours behind them most of the vans were empty.  We had two casualties of move day; one plant pot took a suicidal leap out of the van cabin. The second casualty was Steven the removals guy’s foot as he tried to save said plant pot. The odds of making it through a move with everything intact are probably akin to a Mum get a full nights sleep so I was happy with that outcome (sorry Steven!)

The Home Removals Company made our move day as stress free as possible. The guys were funny and easy to get along with as well as being professional and having the up-most respect for our belongings. From start to finish I could not fault any aspect of the move. Along the way they kept in great communication with what would happen when and they did exactly what they planned. The German in me was extremely pleased with this. So if you are looking for an extremely well priced, efficient and friendly service you will not go far wrong using The Home Removals Company.

Disclaimer: We received our move free of charge in exchange for this review but as always all thoughts are entirely truthful and opinions my own. I will most certainly us this company if I ever move again.

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