You’ll all know one. That woman who says “oh me, I don’t need anything. I’m happy with a card” they also tend to be the ones who shower you and your family in beautifully thoughtful gifts all year round. They aren’t always Mums but they often are, and they absolutely deserve to be spoilt rotten for the way they care for the rest of us unconditionally. Here are my picks then for those wonderful women in my life who care limitlessly about those around them and never think to treat themselves. A few gifts they might not “need” but that will show them how much they are valued and encourage them to spend more time on themselves.

Gin & Tonic Infusion Kit from Souschef £17.50

Now I personally am not a G&T drinker, however it seems absolutely everyone else is! It is the new wine (give me an ice cold fruit cider any day) and more and more people are opting to not only enjoy this refreshing beverage when out but in their own homes too. Well I say if you are going to treat yourself then no half measures and this infusion kit will certainly take your G&T to the next level. Liven up a classic or create your own personalised drink all from the comfort of your own kitchen. I know an awful lot of Mum’s who deserve to be poured a tall one.

Personalised Christmas Prosecco £19.99

There is always someone in the family who you maybe don’t know as well but is equally lovely. In my family that is my sister-in-law. She is a wonderfully easy person to get along with but as we live a good three hours drive away from each other, I don’t see her very often so I don’t know much about her life. I do however know she likes prosecco so what better gift than a personalised bottle just for her! I love how that extra detail gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling as you know the person hasn’t just grabbed any old thing from the supermarket last thing.

Digital Radio & CD Player

I didn’t listen to the radio much before I had my children but since I was home a lot with a newborn on my own and Keith got me a digital one it has honestly become one of my favourite bits of ‘tech’. My parents listen to the radio a lot too but also have a huge CD collection so I know this radio/CD combo will be ideal for my Mum. I’m actually hoping someone thinks to get one for me too as I do miss listening to whole albums sometimes too. It also uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone so you can have YouTube at your finger tips and Spotify too. This particular one was down from £150 to £75 on Amazon and I think it is quite the bargain.

Petlandia Personalised Book £19.99, Personalised t-shirt £22.99, Personalised mug £9.99

My sister has a dog called Jelly who she absolutely dotes on (he is pretty cute!) She has also recently become a Mum herself so I was extremely excited when I heard about the personalised Petlandia book that would allow Jelly to be the star of the show in a book my sister can read to her daughter. The website is so easy to use, you simply pick the product you want, (as well as the book I also added a personalised t-shirt and mug because they are so fun) then select the breed and look of the dog (or cat!) as well as additional details such as collar colour to allow your pet to truly come alive in the illustrations. These are both fun and meaningful gifts and bound to make any pet owner smile.

Stick to Stigu Planner £18.90 plus stickers £10.90

In my family the women are the planners. We make lists and we organise everything and everyone, whether they wish to be organised or not! The Stick to Stigu Planner is the planner I use myself and it is 100% the best planner I have ever seen. Not only is it perfectly laid out with nice manageable bite-size task squares for each day but it also includes inspirational quotes and weekly suggestions from friendly Stigu to remind you to relax and keep everything in perspective. We might not ever get to the bottom of our “to do” lists but with Stigu I know we will remember it is the journey and not the destination that matters whilst neatly ticking off all the best sites on route. (The fun sticker pack makes this extremely rewarding even as a fully grown woman!)

Right now you can get 10% off if you subscribe to the Stigu email list and a brilliant 20% off the fun bundles!

Pommery Royale Mustard with Cognac from Souschef £9.50

This one is for my Mother in law because she is a wonderful cook, forever feeding us all glorious meals and has a huge collection of condiments at her house. She doesn’t like chocolates or sweet things so whilst it might seem strange to buy someone mustard at Christmas, I think it is actually all about knowing a person’s likes really well. The combination of a gourmet wholegrain mustard with luxurious cognac all presented in this beautiful stoneware jar with golden wax seal is sure to be a treat she will get lots of use out of.

BUFF® Polar & Micro Tubular Tribal Blanquet Multi Ocean (£29.46)

Know any women who love the outdoors? Fresh air and a good walk to blow off the cobwebs always helps me feel lighter and puts everything into perspective. I think a lot of Mum’s (and stay and home Dad’s too) find themselves going a tad crazy within the confounds of their house when they have little kids. I 100% think we all need more time with nature so this BUFF® Polar and Micro Tubular is ideal to encourage those Mother’s of nature to get back out into and remain seriously toasty warm whilst out their. BUFF® have a HUGE and very stylish range of head-wear to suit all occasions. I absolutely love their Polar range for this time of year and know it will make a great stocking filler or ideal gift to send to Mum friends who live further away as it is ideal for posting!

I still have a few more odds and ends to buy as I know so many women who should be treated as Queens this year so I’d love to hear your ideas. What have you bought this year or indeed would love for yourself?

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