Now first off I want to get something out in the open, all these gifts can and would be great for women too! I am writing this gift guide specifically for the men in MY life who are tricky to buy for come Christmas but maybe in your life it is the Aunties and Mother in laws who you need some inspiration for. So here I have gathered together the wonderful, the unusual, the clever and the wacky that are sure to delight those men who say they want nothing at Christmas but look seriously downbeat after opening their third pair of socks.

The Big Chilli Advent calendar £35

Keith isn’t a big chocolate eater and he is also a teeny tiny bit of a Grinch if people start celebrating Christmas too early but when I gave him this advent calendar he was over the moon because as he said “it is actually interesting and useful!” High praise indeed from the man who insisted advent calendars were for kids! With 24 different whole chillies, flakes and powders and a new recipe each day to inspire you, this advent calendar is ideal for cookery lovers and fans of spice alike. Now the only question is shall I video the day Keith tries the Carolina Reaper?!

Illuminated Globe – Earth and Star Constellations £27.99

As soon as I spotted this globe over on the website I knew it would be perfect for Keith. Travelling a lot for work (albeit mainly in the UK) means that he has become a lot more interested in where everything is in the world. A globe is great for quickly looking up a place as this will be out in our living room. I have always thought they look beautiful and this one looks particularly spectacular at night when you can switch it over to show glowing star constellations. As a handy tool for a keen astronomer or just as a beautiful conversation talking piece, this globe will be a unique and treasured gift.

Dobell Lambswool Charcoal Quarter Zip Neck Jumper £29.99

Now if the men in your life are anything like the ones in mine, they probably don’t buy clothes for themselves and the ones they do have they wear till they are thread bare? I have noticed that although I thought clothes as presents might be a bit boring, my guys actually love getting them because it saves them shopping and if you pick something like this gorgeous jumper from Dobell then it can actually be both stylish and practical. Your men will be well dressed, feel warm and comfy and good about themselves, and all without setting foot in a dreaded clothes shop.

Outdoor Adventure Accessories from First Ascent

Sometimes it is easy enough to think of a main present for the guys but it is the stocking fillers and smaller gifts that I struggle with as all the men I know hate clutter (well they say they do but they are hoarders really) so I am always on the lookout for smaller yet practical gifts for them. First Ascent have a whole range for outdoor enthusiasts including Hot Hands hand warmers, Stormsure, Nalgene water bottle, an inflatable, easy storage Cocoon Pillow, and a Luci Light that works outdoors and runs of solar power. If you know a guy who likes to spend any time outdoors then any or all of these gifts would be ideal. They are great quality products and I think, very reasonable in price too. The pillow is surprisingly comfy and as with the other items, it all works to make your outdoor adventure just that little bit better which some creature comforts.

Maverick Drinks – Drinks by the Dram. Christmas Festive Selection Taster Set £64.95

Drinks By The Dram was launched in 2010, offering drinks enthusiasts the chance to purchase 30ml wax-sealed drams of whisky, gin, Cognac and more at a fraction of the cost of a full bottle. With a range that spans well over 3,800 unique spirits and includes specially curated Tasting Sets, exploring the ever-expanding world of delicious drinks has never been easier. I have loved this idea from the very first time I saw it. You see we buy quite a few of the men who are hard to buy for in our family whisky. That in itself is fine, and a nice gift I think, only perhaps if you buy cheap whisky or the same old bottle it takes them all year to drink, then it becomes a pretty dull gift. Drinks By The Dram allows you to take a chance and for the guy receiving the gift to try something new. Because there are several varieties in each tasting set you can afford have a drink of something you might not otherwise have chosen. I imagine that we are going to be discovering we like quite a few whisky’s we have never tasted before over the holidays (that is if Stephan shares!) The packaging is beautiful so you don’t even have to do anything to it to present it as a present so ideal for time saving and the drams themselves are in lovely jars with wonderful design work and labels on them. Can you spot the superb Oban whisky in amongst this bunch?


Hofmeister Beers 12 x 330ml £19.99

Christmas in our family means a lot of family gatherings and a lot of food. With all that food you are going to need something to wash it down with and a lot of my family will be enjoying a beer over the holidays with their Christmas dinner. Which better beer then than the winner of the 2017 IWSC Beer Awards. A 5% ABV helles larger, slow-brewed in Germany. This fresh and crisp beer only contains three ingredients and I know it will be a hit with a lot of the family.

At the moment you can get a case of 12 from Amazon for the very reasonable price of £19.99 here.

Tile Sport £30

Engineered for the sport of life, Tile Sport is rugged, waterproof and features a powerful Bluetooth tracker. Simply attach it to the item you want to ensure you never lose (keys commonly get hidden in our house by the kids!), download the app and you are all set to track up to 200 feet. The design of the Tile is immaculate, it is small, thin and attractive looking so you will forget it is attached until you actually need it. I know plenty of the men in my life has an unbelievable ability to put things down and promptly forget where they have left them so this gadget will be ideal to save time and give piece of mind.

BUFF® Polar and Micro Tubular Nod Deep Teal Black (£29.29)

Living up North you suddenly find yourself really appreciating getting warn clothes for presents! Keith already has a BUFF® Beanie and several BUFF® Neck-wear but he wears them every single day, both on the job and on his days off so he really needs spares to allow for wash day! They are so versatile and work and absolute treat to very simply keep you warm while also looking stylish and not getting in the way. The BUFF® website has a ridiculously huge selection of different types of BUFF® and different designs to suit everyone and all their needs. If it was up to Keith he would have a different one for every day of the year, and I probably would too!


Disclosure: We received some of these products in exchange for a honest review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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