Even though Aiden understood something exciting was happening last year, I feel like this is the first Christmas he truly is excited in the run up and it is making me extremely Christmassy (and possibly a tad annoying to be around!) I want him to have a truly wonderful Christmas so other than the presents we are doing lots of kindness activities and seeing family and friends to enjoy time together. I would be lieing though if I said for kid’s in particular some of the magic comes from all those lovely presents. I want to make sure then that what we do get for Aiden present wise, are really interesting, high quality items that will get lots of play. Here is our list that I am sure he is going to be thrilled with.

WOW Toys Robin’s Medical Rescue £32.99

We are HUGE WOW Toys fans in our family. The kid’s love how vibrant and detailed they are. The grown-ups love that fact they contain no batteries! That’s right, safer, cheaper,  better fir the environment. This ambulance set is perfect as Aiden loves the emergency services but so much out there is focused on the police and fire service so we are lacking in our ambulance quota which is probably the service that I would like to see more kid’s learn about. WOW Toys are particularly handy with siblings because they are safe for little ones and still immensely interesting for older pre-schoolers also.

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Hape Marble Run (The Quadrilla Roundabout) from Wicked Uncle £39.95

I loved marbles as a kid but I never had anything as cool as this! Aiden is crazy about those spinning collection tubs you put penny’s in at the swimming pool so I bet we are going to have a lot of fun with this toy. I love toys like this that teach the child about things such as gravity and engineering without them even realising it and are great for understanding cause and effect. Wicked Uncle is a great site if you want a slightly different gift this Christmas and you can search by age which is a blessing with such a huge range.

Zycom Zinger 3 Wheel Cruiser £59.95

I’m not sure how or why but Aiden has not yet mastered a scooter or bike and is actually rather fearful of them. He is a very cautious and safely conscious boy (I have no idea where he gets it from. Seriously!) He has a second hand scooter but it has no break and is frankly rather uninspiring. It also doesn’t fold up so is a pain to take anywhere and is the wrong height for him (I might see now why he isn’t keen on it!) This new scooter negates all those issues and has 3 height options so I hope he is going to love it. It certainly looks the bees knees and is a great quality product.


Coolcasc LED Police Helmet Cover £29.95

To add to the scooters appeal, we have gotten Aiden this insanely cool helmet cover. Some kid’s might not think helmets are cool (actually Aiden is someone who loves the safety aspect so likes wearing one) but these covers from Coolcasc allow you to make any existing helmet funky. There is a huge range to pick from so all ages are covered and the LED range is fantastic especially during the Winter months when it is much darker out. I just know my boy with love pretending to be the police and scooting after the baddies (most likely me and his sister!)


Miles Kelly Convertible Fire Engine £15 and Fire Station £8 Books

The convertible collection from Miles Kelly Publishers are absolutely ideal especially if you are tight on space. They fold up completely flat but when they are set up (which takes mere seconds and can be done by older children themselves) then they reveal whole vehicles and support hours of imaginative play time. The outside of the book creates the vehicle and the inside contains information and fun facts which really helps when the children are asking a million questions about the vehicle. The books are very well made and stand tough even with a lot of active play. Also from Miles Kelly, this convertible Fire Station book is going to be great for small world play and acting many scenarios out. We are big fans of these books as both of my children can play with them and they promote that unified sibling play that we are always looking for.

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The Irish Fairy Door Company Worry Plaque  £19.95

Children shouldn’t have worries but they do. These worries can be serious concerns but they can also be seemingly small things that can still really affect the mood of a child and weigh heavily on them. Aiden for example can have nightmares worrying about if he will be in the top or bottom field at forest school. This isn’t something we can control and it is dictated by the weather and the activities planned for that day. We try to teach him to not worry about it and see the positives in the other outcomes but sometimes I feel he needs a helping hand. When I first read about the Worry Plaque I was intrigued and to be honest, I didn’t really understand it. The more I read though, the more I realised it would be ideal for a natural worrier like my boy. Sometimes we all need burdens taken off our shoulders, and if for children telling the worry plaque and the fairies taking those worry away works, then I am all for it! Fingers crossed Aiden likes the idea as much as I do.

Lightsaber Colour Change Mug £10.99

Now this mug is so cool I’m not sure I can keep it from Aiden till Christmas so think I will be including it in our Christmas Eve celebrations to have his hot chocolate in as we watch a Christmas film or two in our PJs. The mug feature a whole host of lightsabers from Star Wars with great detail given and the owner of each written on the mug. This already is super cool and bound to be well received by my boy who loves attention to detail and knowing everything there is about something. The magic however, happens when the hot drink is poured in and the lightsabers all light up! This must be the most perfect mug for any Star Wars fans out there.

FridgeScapes Polar Magets £12.95

In our last house the fridge was build into the cupboard so no giant magnet board for us, however we now have a normal fridge freezer and one of the kid’s favourite things to do as I am getting dinner ready, it to play with the magnets on the fridge. They aren’t very exciting magnets so I just know that this set of beautiful and fun Polar fridge magnets is going to keep them entertained for a long time. Excellent value for money as the set contains over 40 magnets and the packaging it beautiful so it would also make a perfect gift if you are looking for something for you child’s friends and don’t want to risk getting them the same as everyone else.

My Miniature Library: 30 Tiny Story Books to make, read and treasure £14.99

Have I mentioned Aiden loves books? And the library? Well this is the sweetest gift for any mini bookworm as it contains a whole set of tiny books and the box turns in to a shelf to store them on. I think we will be getting out the stamper and playing librarian on Christmas day for sure. All the classics are there and the whole thing is so stunningly packaged that is also make a beautiful gift set.

Pirate Adventure Dice £9.95

One for the stocking as this pirate adventure dice set is small but perfectly formed. I am actually a big fan of little gifts at Christmas because otherwise where oh where do you store all the new toys afterwards?! This set is ideal for sparking your child’s imagination and honing their story telling skills and the dice lead the way with their beautiful illustrations. Perfect also for long journeys by train or cold Winter evenings spent with the family.

Orchard Toys Cheeky Monkeys Game £9.50

Orachard Toys always make high quality products which I think is particularly important when it comes to the likes of jigsaws and board games that will be touched a lot and receive a lot of wear and tear if they are popular. The concept of this game (to collect more bananas than the other players by climbing the tree and hanging each step of the way) sounds like it will be a lot of fun on Christmas Eve. I like the idea of it being a bit silly but also that is starts to introduce the child to the concept of strategy and also playing a board type game with the family.

Match a Pair of Birds  £12.95

Another stunning product from Laurence King (I have yet to find something in their catalogue that we don’t absolutely love!) The attention to detail on the bird illustrations is magnificent here which I know will be appreciated by both Aiden and also his Granddad who is a keen twitcher and who we will simply have to play the game with. This is great on many levels, not only the memory aspect of playing a game of pairs but also learning about bird recognition and different ways to identify them. I think iwe are going to enjoy it both as a game and also as a reference for when we are bird watching out of our patio doors.

Around the World with the Ingreedies: A Taste Adventure £12.99

It is so important, I think, for children to learn what goes into their food as this in turn goes into their bodies. We are vegetarians (there are meat dishes in this book but I think it is equally important that the kid’s know about those too) and I always strive to explain to Aiden that nothing is bad food but rather it is about the amount we have of things like salt and sugar. This book is going to be great for thinking about and putting into practice some cooking as it is appealing to children through the fantastically fun characters who take you on their taste adventure.


BUFF® Polar & Micro Tubular Planes Blue Flint £19.16

Just like his sister and his Mum and Dad, Aiden is a big fan of wearing a BUFF®. In fact he does so every day. As it has been getting colder I have been thinking perhaps I should get him a warm scarf instead but they are such a pain to keep on children. Luckily, BUFF® have a solution in their Polar range! They have all the practicality of your standard BUFF® but with the added layer of extremely cosy fleece layer. Add to that this very funky plane design (which is currently reduced no less!) and it is definitely the ideal stocking filler.

Star Wars Itty Bittys from Hallmark £6 each 

Aiden might never have actually seen Star Wars (he is only 3.5 years old!) but he loves all the Lego Staw wars films and his dad’s old toys so these Itty bittys from Hallmark are going to be a perfect surprise popping out of his stocking. The range is extremely well made and there are so many characters to choose from (not only Staw Wars!) that I am sure you would find one (or ten) that your child would love.

Sugru Putty Glue starts at £6.99

This very small but very clever invention is odeal for any aspiring builder/engineer/inventor as it is safe for children to use and stick pretty much anything together again. I think we are going to have lots of fun experimenting with this one in the New Year.

Mayka Toy Block Tape

Aiden’s Lego themed room was missing something and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Then I realised obviously he needed the ability to hang his Lego off the walks and ceiling too! I rememer when this first was advertised as a startup and everyone went “well why didn’t we think of that!” Well Mayka were the origional so we are sticking with them and I know Aiden is going to have a blast. It is also also ideal stocking filler!


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Disclosure: We received some of these items in exchange for a honest review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 


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