Before we get started on the Christmas gifts themselves I just have to tell you about Faye’s advent calander this year. Last year she was only 5 months old so too young for one but this year she will understand that her big brother has something and will want one too. Although both kids are allowed a few bites of chocolate as a treat, I wasn’t comfortable with them starting every single day of December with it so instead have opted for a Lego advent calendar for Aiden and this amazing WOW Toys Advent Calendar Town for Faye. Suitable for ages 1-5. The toys so far have been wonderful and both Faye and Aiden have been enjoying playing with them. I also love that once December is over we will still use them to play with the rest of our WOW Toys so no waste.

WOW Toys Advent Calendar Town £26.99 (although currently reduced to just £15 here!)

Toddlebike2 Racing Red £23.95

Suitable from as soon as confidently walking (usually around 18 months but Faye was walking just after 12 months so is good to go) – long before Toddlers are ready for balance bikes, pedals or scooters but long after they grow out of their baby ride-on toys. The bike weighs less than 1kg, making it easy for young children to ride, manoeuvre, carry or hang neatly on buggy when not in use (balance bikes typically weigh around 3 to 6kg! and we had this exact problem with Aiden’s first bike when he was little). Unlike other ride-ons, it’s  large wheels mean it can handle most terrains which is extra handy living where we do and I envisage much time spent outdoors with it this bike especially with it being hard-wearing, waterproof, weatherproof, mudproof and Toddlerproof.

Available in 3 distinct Toddlebike2 colour ways – Racing Red, Pinky Pink and Midnight Blue. Click here to buy yours now!

Coolcasc Fairy Helmet Cover £29.99

If you are getting your little one a new bike or scooter this Christmas then you have to get them a helmet. Now I know some kids might not find helmets the coolest thing in the world, however, Coolcasc have a wonderful solution with their huge range of one-size-gits-all helmet covers. We have gotten Faye this amazing fairy one that Co rains LED lights too! Ideal for Winter. Perfect safety and a bit of fun too. Added bonus, if your kid already has a helmet they don’t relish wearing, this is sure to tempt them to put it on!

WOW Toys Sort ‘n’ Tidy Taylor £32.99

WOW Toys are fuelled by imagination (and ingenious design) rather than batteries which gets a huge thumbs up from us after we realised that since having children we were going through insane amounts every single week! Their toys are also tough as they come. You simply can not break these things which means they will last for years and several siblings. We love that they are interesting for both our 18 month old and our 3.5 year old and they show no signs of that changing any time soon. The colours are so vibrant and I’m not sure how they do it but the design never seems to fade or chip off so they remain looking new for a very long time.

Like the look of WOW Toys? Be sure to enter our Giveaway at the bottom of this post to be in with a chance to win your own WOW Toy.

Little Houses: A Counting Book from Laurence King publishers £9.95

Anyone who knows us knows we are massive Laurence King publishers fans. Aiden is just crazy about their books so I was particularly thrilled when their latest parcel contained two books that are perfect for Faye too. Little Houses features the most stunning collection of collage style illustrations of houses from all over the world and throughout history. It is a counting book so great for little kids. The colours are so bright that they will definitely mesmerise Faye and there are so many tiny details to explore that it is fun for the grown-ups too.

Hide and Seek: An Around-the-World Animal Search from Laurence King £7.95

Another beautiful book from Laurence King which is equally suited to children are young as Faye if they have an interest in books and upwards as her big brother is equally fascinated by it. What child doesn’t enjoy hide a resed seek? Add to that animals expertly drawn into amazing settings and it is easy to see that this book with be a hit with both the siblings as well as any grown-up taking a peek. There are some books that you know will stay with a child (even physically getting passed to their own children later on) and I imagine most of ours will be our Laurence King books!

Picasso Tiles 100 Piece Set £59.99 & 2 Piece Car Truck Set £9.99

I love open-ended toys because I am a creative person and I think it is so very important that children have the opportunity to play and explore their imagination on this very pure level. There are so many branded character toys on the market (don’t get me wrong I love Disney etc as much as the next person but it is all about variety) but my favourite toys are ones like these Picasso Tiles that see your child starting with nothing but their own imagination which is a wonderful thing to behold. The tiles are fantastically colourful and inviting and the magnets are high quality so all the creations stay nicely together. I suspect many hours of fun will be had with these over the years.

Rockabilly Lottie Doll £18.99

If you’ve not heard of Lottie Dolls by now you really need to head to their website and check them out! Dolls for kids that actually look like a child and are inspirational to boot. We already have several Lottie Dolls and outfits including football kit, superhero Lottie and astronomer Lottie, so for this Christmas we are going for the Rockabilly Lottie as Faye often rocks a tutu and one of Aiden’s old jumpers whilst she boogies round the kitchen. The quality of the dolls is top notch and the variety of characters and accessories is fantastic. Be warned, you are going to want to collect them all!

Miles Kelly Convertible Submarine Book £15

Aiden already has the Spaceship version (which you can win your very own of by entering the giveaway at the bottom of this post!) so I know without doubt that Faye is going to adore this submarine. The book folds completely flat so it is wonderful for storage but the magic really happens when you very simply open it up and hold it in place with Velcro. Older children can do this for themselves so Aiden will be able to set it up for Faye, then they can both explore the deep sea! One side becomes the vehicle and the other has information and pictures relating to it so they can learn as they play.

The Irish Fairy Door Company Fairy Door £15

Faye has a fairy forest themed room but no way for the fairies to come visit! I have wanted to get her a wee fairy door to go on her skirting boards for sometime and who better to go with than the origional makers of the fairy door. As well as the doors they make all kinds of beautiful and well crafted accessories which I will add as Faye gets older and more faries visit!

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World (Gift Edition Hardback) from Boolino £5.59

You can never have too many books. You can absolutely certainly never have too many books featuring great women who changed the world! Since I saw that frankly depressing YouTube video illustrating just how few books have female characters who actually speak in them, I have been making a conscious choice to read more books where females take the lead role to both my daughter and son. I am very excited to start reading these non-fiction ones to support our other reading, snuggled up on the sofa especially during the Winter months.

Brio My First Take Along Set £29.99

We already have a huge train table and a LOT of trains and track but they are all technically Aiden’s so although we all play with them I thought it would be only fair Faye got her own starter set. When I spotted this one I knew we were on to a winner. Not only is it Brio (you simply can’t go wrong on design and quality with Brio) but it is also designed for travel, absolutely perfect then round Christmas when we will be all over the country visiting folk.

Animal Shapes Game by Orchard Toys £7.50

Sometimes adults need a minutes quiet and children benifit greatly from playing on their own and problem solving for themselves.  At times like these I often bring out our jigsaw box. This animal shape puzzle is going to be perfect for Faye as she loves animals and I can begin teaching her shapes and colours too with it (or even convince her big brother to teach her!) With Orchard Toys you always know you will be getting a quality toy which is lucky as I imagine this is going to be played with lots.

Polar & Micro Tubular Forest Animals Cru Military BUFF® £29.53

Now I know sometimes kids feel hard done by when they get the likes of clothes for Christmas but there are two things to note here. Firstly practical gifts are often the ones that get used most. Secondly, Faye already has a more lightweight BUFF® that she absolutely adores. She goes and gets it from the porch everyone we go to leave the house and giggles and plays with it when she is wearing it. It is a safe assumption then that with a design as cute as this one and the extra Polar layer for Winter warmth, this BUFF® is going to be equally well received.

Hallmark Itty Bittys £6 each

In our house Father Christmas brings the kids a stocking that appears as if by magic at the end of their beds on Christmas day. All good so far. Now the issue then arises when your kids are still little in that you don’t want to fill out the spaces with just chocolates and sweets (there will be plenty of those from Nana I’m sure!) so this year I found the perfect solution in Hallmarks super cute Itty Bittys range. Faye loves all her soft toys so these are ideal (extra points for being small!) and even feature a range of girl superheros which I know will be popular.


If you would like to be in with a chance to win your choice of either the Sort ‘n’ Tidy Taylor or Robin’s Medical Rescue toy for WOW Toys AND a Miles Kelly Spaceship Convertible book then all you have to do it enter the Rafflecopter giveaway competition below. Good luck everyone 🙂
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Disclosure: We received some of these products in exchange for a honest review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful.

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  1. Robins medical rescue- especially for Chronically ill kids or those terrified of sirens 🚨 a brilliant idea for little ones to explore that sector of the industry in general not just the typical doctors & nurses toys or dress up!

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