I have a confession to make. Are you sitting down? Here goes. I have never played dominoes until this week. Laurence King Publishers sent us these cheery Bob the Artist Dominoes (£10) and as luck would have it they arrived right as a storm blew in and the kid’s and myself shut ourselves in the house for the weekend choked with colds.

Straight away from the packaging we knew we were going to have a fun morning with this game. The use of Bob the Artist and coloured paint splodges for the domino pips (I looked that up!) is a great way to update a classic game and appeal to younger children. Aiden loved how colourful everything was which you wouldn’t get from regular dominoes. He was also a big fan of Bob the Artist apearing on the cards as he wanted to know who the bird was and what he did.

Aiden can count the dots to figure out the numbers but can only guess them on sight. Well that was at the start of the game anyway. After a morning of playing Aiden had not only picked up how to play dominoes (and me too!) but had inevitably learnt how to recognise numbers represented in blobs on sight rather than counting each time.

It might seem that this is just a dressing up of a very simple classic game but quite the opposite. The simplicity of dominoes allowed Aiden to learn the rules and play compitantly in the space of a few hours. It taught him to wait for his turn,  to recognise visual representations of numbers, and to understand the aim of a game and how to achieve that goal. Laurence King have breathed a new lease of life into these vibrant and funky Bob the Artist Dominoes and we will certainly be playing again soon.

Disclaimer: We were sent these dominoes in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are truthful and our own.

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