“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

– Pablo Picasso

I love art but I must confess I don’t do as much of it as an adult as I did as a kid. When I was growing up I was sure I would become a famous painter. I don’t have extraordinary talent but I do have amazing parents. They saw my love for art and they ran with it. Every place we visited on holiday we would go to an art gallery for me and a museum for my sister (and me as I am a bit of an museum geek too) They also arranged for me to have my first solo public art show when I was around 11 years old which was just the most exciting thing for me. They hung my art up at home and made me feel like what I had created was worth space in our lives. When I had children then, I knew straight away I would always encourage the kids to express themselves via art and show nothing but admiration for their creations.

Fast forward to my life now with a almost four and almost two year old. Not only do we often paint and draw at home, but Aiden now brings art that he has made at forest school home with him. However erm “interesting” the art may or may not be, I always want to show an interest in it so it always goes on the fridge. The problem is I soon ran out of space on the fridge. It is then I had the idea to create for the children their own art gallery wall.

First I planned where I would hang all the frames by cutting newspaper in their sizes and blue tacking it in place. I saw this on Pinterest and must say it really worked a treat and made it very easy to plan.

I of course needed to find the perfect frames. Originally I had planned to just hunt for some bargains frames in charity shops but I soon realised I would very quickly have the same problem I had with the fridge in that I would run out of space.  What was the solution you ask? Well I discovered the most amazing company called Dynamic Frames who especially designed these My Little Davinci frames for displaying your child’s ever growing art collection with frames starting at £24.99 with free UK shipping!

The frames look just like any other high-end frame. They come beautifully finished and include a mount. What makes them special is the fact that as well as displaying your child’s art in this stunning manner, they also have space to store 50 other pieces of art. That is right, 50! The frame fronts open like a door so you can change over the piece and the front so simply and without even taking the frame off the wall.

The frames are available in A4 and A3 and in three different colours. We went with black but both the white and wood also looked fantastic. They can also be hung both portrait or landscape. The frames would look so classy in any home and I love that the art is then the focus. To make our wall gallery a bit more quirky and more “us” I had the children each paint their own initial and then they helped me with some melted crayon art to make an Art Gallery sign. We have had so many nice comments from visitors and I just love to hear Aiden fill up with pride as he discusses the pieces of his that are displayed there.

Disclosure: We were sent these frames for the purpose of a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are truthful and our own. 

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