Bras are like jeans. They can appear the stuff of unobtainable dreams untill you actually find THE ONE after many years of making do, and then you won’t want to wear anything else. The perfect fit is essential. You are better spending a bit more money and going for quality over quantity. When you find a brand you like that is probably you for life. Also when you find one you like you might be tempted to always wear it so stock up on models you love!

I have always found buying bras and getting the fit, the support and appearance all right, a pretty tricky challenge. Imagine then my apprehension when it dawned on me that not only would my breasts grow and shrink massively throughout both my pregnancies but that I needed* a whole new type of bra in order to breastfeed easily after all that was done and whilst I breastfeed. *It can be done in ‘normal’ bras, I tried it once but it was awful. An absolute pain to gain access and to feed in. Plus my lovely none-nursing bra got totally bent out of shape. I had been surviving on a very basic and frankly boring, set of nursing bras from Amazon when Bravado Bras got in touch to see if I would like to review a few of their products. Obviously I said yes please, and I am very glad I did. Here are my experiences of two of their bras. I can tell you now, I would recommend them over the plain, boring bargain bras any day.

Confetti Nursing Bra – Plum (£26)

I’ll admit it, I am vain and I like a pretty bra. It boosts my confidence to wear a brat that doesn’t look like standard military issue. Whilst there is plenty of choice out there for standard bras, if you do a general search for nursing bras you will find a shockingly small and bland selection. A lot of beige and also a lot of those really thick bra straps that I dislike as someone with a smaller chest who doesn’t need the safety harness look. The first thing I noticed about the Confetti Nursing Bra then is that is has a cute polka dot design, a tiny bow and lovely trimmed edge detail that make it look like any”normal” bra whilst it still retains all the other great nursing features.

The fabric is super soft and as it has no under-wiring it is very comfortable. The clasps that allow the cup to be dropped down for nursing can easily be opened one handed, because let’s face it, as a Mum you no longer ever have the use of two hands. I chose the Plum model because I think it is the prettiest and most stylish but it is also available in Black and in Fawn which is always handy. At £26 these bras might not be as cheap as a pack of three off Amazon but they aren’t far off and they are so do much better. High quality design and higher quality product. As you can see, Faye approves especially as they make it super easy for her to have breakfast in bed!

Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra – Charcoal Heather (£34)

The Body Silk Seamless Yoga Bra has all the great features that the Confetti Bra does, it looks cute, no silly thick straps, it is easy to use one handed and is extremely comfortable to wear but it has some additional bonuses too. As it can be used as a sports bra for moderate exercise, it features some special technology called Silver Breeze that basically means it works to prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria, or in layman’s terms, you should smell less after fighting your way round soft-play with a toddler and a baby learning to walk. It also has inserts that can be removed which I always prefer as it really depends on the top you have on/if you are having a building dens at home kind of day or not.

My favourite addition to this model though has to be the ability to make the straps criss cross at the back if you choose. I simply LOVE bras that do this because firstly, they just look cute. And secondly, they are great for certain tops that look silly with the bra straps showing normally. As I breastfeed and wear nursing pads incase I leak milk, I have to always wear a bra no matter what top I want to wear so this is the ideal solution to many of those wardrobe conundrums. The Yoga Bra is available in three colour options; Charcoal, Dove, and Pink and I wear mine as an everyday bra too as it is so comfy and lightweight whilst supportive.


Disclaimer: I was sent these Bravado nursing bras in exchange for an honest review. As always, all thoughts are my own and truthful.

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