Tomorrow Aiden turns four. Four! It seems like both a lifetime ago and just yesterday that he was a tiny newborn. He is now however most certainly a fully fledged (not so wee!) boy. We are extremely fortunate in the lives we live that both the children are surrounded by toys. As such then, it can be difficult at Christmas and on Birthdays, to decide what to get them. I didn’t want to just buy for the sake of buying and shower Aiden in tones of plastic toys that would break or just collect dust. Instead I researched what I was going to get him and as I think he’ll be pretty pleased as punch with this lot, I thought i would share in case any of you are stuck for gift ideas.

Ok so this one will surprise no-one. The first thing we bought was Lego. Aiden is Lego mad so obviously it is a sure fire successful present. I always think that if your child really really loves so.ething then run with it. Lego is an extremely handy toy and it can grow as your child’s skills develop and there are so so many kits available. Aiden has been asking for this one since before Christmas so I know he is going to love it.

WOW Toys Bathtime Friends 3 in 1 set (£32.99)

We have been huge fans of WOW Toys since Aiden was given a set from a friend for his first birthday. As soon as I realised they where motorised but required no batteries I was sold! After a whole year of baby toys and approximately 1 million batteries, I loved that first racing car set (and Faye still plays with them now) Aiden loves his bath toys so this is going to be the ideal combination and possibly the only way I will convince him to have a bath and go to bed on his birthday. The quality of plastic and the fact that the plastic is coloured rather than painted on means WOW Toys are extremely hard wearing and look as good as new many years later.

Giftpup Kid’s Apron (£14.99)

Confession time: I don’t bake, often. But the kids love it when we do so when I saw these personalised aprons from Giftpup I just knew Aiden would love one for his birthday.  I am a big fan of practical gifts and presents that actually signify something else. These aprons promise lots of cookie and cake making times as well as helping keep me sane in the kitchen as they will keep all the mixture off the kids clothes (or at least some of it!) The quality of fabric is great and feels thick and hard wearing so ideal for wiping down. The colours are so bright and bold that they are bound to appeal to the kids too.

Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Faces Activity Box from Born Gifted (£19.99)

Aiden is really enjoying starting to draw figures at the moment but they are still of course pretty simple figures with eyes and smile but no nose or ears etc. This Magnetic Faces board is perfect for developing his drawing skills as it feature a both magnetic features as well as a white board that allows the child to draw other feature a themselves. I think this will make a great quiet time toy as well as the potential to be very useful on long car journeys.

Keith of my children have anything like a tablet or games device but that doesn’t mean I don’t like technology.  Aiden has recently become fascinated with the job title engineer so I think this coding robot aimed at children as young as 4 will be perfect to both teach and play. Might even learn something myself!

Sometimes when a child lives something (in Aiden’s case, Lego) then you soon find they have already got everything or that presents are all very similar. I always try to opt to get a book related to the thing they love because well, I love books and think they are just the perfect gift. As soon as I saw this Lego guide to real life Space and the Planets I knew it would be perfect. Aiden is crazy for books and ansol fascinated by space. He often picks books that are for much much older children at the library so I am excited that this one is geared at his age.

Again keeping with the general STEM and arts theme I have gone with for Aiden’s presents this year, this Lights & Action Gears, Gears, Gears is ideal to teach Science in a very bright and coluurful fun way. Kids live learning about cause and effect so I bet Aiden will enjoy working on this to build great moving structures.


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Disclosure: We were sent some of these products in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are ours and truthful.

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19 thoughts on “Birthday Gift Guide for 4+ and WOW Toy Competition!”

  1. Hi Fee, very nice blog, and gifting ideas are great! I would love to gift it, my niece and nephew, they will surely like it. Thanks for giving us these wonderful ideas. Keep Sharing!

  2. I would like the bathtime friends to encourage my nephew to jump in the bath. I’d pick the the Planets book for the my nephew to explore.

  3. The bathtime friends. Toys in the bath are the only thing that keeps my monster in there lol. He even takes lego in there and builds ‘creations’ to see if they float. He is fascinated with anything that floats.

  4. The fairy tale as my twin 4 year old girls love magical stuff set and the magnetic faces as i think they would find these very funny.

  5. Lego City and Magnetic Faces would be great for my nephew. He loves anything to do with building, and is very creative.

  6. The bath time friends, William loves playing with toys in the bath he would happily sit there until he looked like a prune

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