If you are a regular reader of my blog you will already know that I am a HUGE fan of Wall Stickers. For me, they are quite simply the quickest, cheapest, and most fun way to give your child’s bedroom a makeover. They are also perfect for either your own house or rental property as they are so simple to remove when you need to. Already being a fan of the wall sticker then, I jumped at the chance to review Chocovenyl range of beautiful wall stickers to help tie my daughter’s room decoration together.

I chose the butterfly sets (£25 each with 13 butterflies per pack) because Faye’s room already features a lot of different themes and colours. I think they call it eclectic! She has woodland elements, fairies, and butterflies all already in her room so I thought if I filled her room with lots of butterflies all over it would bring the different elements together. The stickers arrived quickly and in a very sturdy cardboard poster tube so no chance of them getting damaged in transit.

As you can see, as soon as Faye saw the detailed and colourful butterflies she was excited and desperate to touch them all. The print quality is excellent, and trust me, having bought many many wall stickers over the years, they can vary hugely! The colours on these stickers are bright and bold and feature crisp lines.

The quality of the actual sticker material is also excellent. I once bought cheap stickers of Amazon hoping for the best, and of course they didn’t even stick to the wall for 24 hours. The best wall stickers, like these ones, are sticky enough to stay on the wall but somehow they use a magic type if sticky which means if you want to take them down or even just move them around, you can easily.

The method to apply them was also extremely easy and Faye, who is not yet two, put most of them on the walls herself (I may or may not have then sneakily rearranged them when she wasn’t looking) Some stickers sets you have to be extremely careful when peeling them as they tear easily but not the Chocovenyl ones. Faye wanted to peel them off herself which would normally cause a stress but I soon realised that actually it was safe for her to do that and it made the decorating her own room so much more personal and special for her. She now points to all the butterflies as she is going to sleep so they are definitely a hit.

Dolls Wall Stickers, 3 Dolls


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Disclosure: We were sent these wall stickers in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful.

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