Are you looking for the ultimate sleeping bag for your little one, that works in all seasons and still fits after a growth spurt? Well being my ever helpful self I thought I’d share with you that I think I’ve found it.
We all know sleeping bags are the safest bedding option for babies. Unlike blankets, sleeping bags ensure your baby is cosy and covered all night long with no risk of them being smothered by blankets or getting sick from a chill. However, what we don’t often realise, is that sleeping bags aren’t all created equal. Many sleeping bags on the market are made from synthetics that can overheat the baby, have low quality zips and snaps that can snag, don’t meet the optional safety standards, or fit poorly and restrict the baby’s natural movements.
When shopping for a baby sleeping bag, many of us probably do so with a certain TOG or size in mind, without considering fit, fabric or durability. I confess, this is exactly how I always shopped in the past; I bought the right size and always a 2.5 TOG for the majority of the year and then a 1 TOG for that one week a year were it gets crazy hot in Scotland. This all changed though when I recently received an Antipodes Merino wool sleeping bag to test with Faye and discovered how wonderfully different they are. They work in all seasons (you just layer underneath as needed), the fabric is exceptionally soft and stretchy, and they last longer.
 Merino wool works in Winter and Summer, just as it does on the sheep in the heat of summer or the snowy winters in the mountains of New Zealand. The fabric is deceptively light, but packs more warmth for weight than any synthetic counterpart in Winter, and it is also able to naturally wick away heat and moisture in Summer. This is a great feature year round and particularly in Scotland when you can have all the seasons in a day with warmer days and cooler nights. Merino wool fibres are also naturally lighter, stretchier, and more durable than cotton and synthetics meaning they’ll last longer.
While the Antipodes Merino sleep bag does cost more than the average cotton sleep bag you’ll find on the high-street, it is made from 100% natural materials and it will fit your baby for up to 2 years. It’s a worthwhile investment, particularly if you consider the average baby will sleep over 10,000 hours in the first two years of life (well, we hope at least!) and you might end up spending more money on multiple sizes and TOGs from other brands.
 Here is what makes the Antipodes Merino sleeping bags different from the standard sleeping bags you find on the market:
  • The lining and chest areas are in 100% premium cosy merino wool, which naturally regulates body temperature in summer and winter
  • The outside layer is made from GOTS certified organic cotton, meaning it is free from any hazardous substances
  • It comes in one adjustable universal size that works from 3 months to 24 months saving you money in the long run
  • Extra reinforced snaps on both shoulders to allow for easy dressing, but they won’t deteriorate over time or pop off when your baby starts to stand up
  • Underarm snaps that adjust the bag for small babies
  • Full length zip opens flat to allow for quick and easy nappy changes. You can also leave the bottom unzipped for additional airflow
  • A seat belt slot (in the front and back) that allows you to easily transfer the little one between the cot, pram and car seat
  • Premium YKK zippers with fabric protectors so there is no chance of pinching your baby’s skin
  • They do not need to be washed very often (just aired out) due to the natural odour-inhibiting properties of merino wool and when it does need to be washed it can go in the washing machine… and even the dryer (on low!)
  • All these points are excellent but when push comes to shove I know you are all thinking the exact same thing that I would be thinking; does it help my child sleep because let’s face it, we all want more sleep.  Well we have been using the Merino sleeping bag for a week now. If you read my blog regularly you will know that Faye was going through some sort of sleep regression the last few months. Night times were pretty horrendous to say the least. Well I kid you not, the first time I put her in th sleeping bag was for her afternoon nap. She normally wakes screaming after 40mins only suddenly she slept for 1.5 hrs and woke up cooing to herself.  Ok I said, what an odd coincidence. So that night I prepared for the worst again but we had one of the best night’s we have had in months. Over the next few night’s things have continued to be so much better. I am not claiming a miracle cure here as we did have one other pretty shocking night but overall I would say the sleep bag is definitely controlling her temperature better than any others I have and that seems to be helping her sleep better. The quality is evident straight away on feeling the product and the sleep bag we have is a beautiful colour and great softness. It has also passed the washing test because even though you don’t need to wash it often we had to after day three because there was a calpol incident. It can out just as soft as it went in I am happy to report. I’d say get two of these and that is all you will ever need! I absolutely wish I had known about these with my boy three years ago but at least Faye can enjoy the benefits now.

Antipodes Merino wool sleeping bags are currently available for £64.99 on Amazon UK, however my readers can use discount code KCE3MOPA. Please remember to always follow safe sleep guidelines. Here is some great information from the Lullaby Trust.

This has been a sponsored post with Antipodes Merino. We received a Baby Merino sleeping bag in exchange for a honest review.

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