Babyled weaning is messy. That is an universal truth. I defy anyone to tell me otherwise. In fact even put the babyled bit to the side momentarily and you’ll find weaning is STILL messy. It can also be stressful as you worry if your no longer quite so tiny baby is getting enough food to grow them into the mini person they are fast becoming. So with all that going on, the one thing you really NEED in your life is a really good highchair. Well fret not because I think I’ve found the absolute best highchair out there for babyled weaning (probably for for spoon feeding too!)

World meet my beautiful Baby Bjorn highchair! I love her. She is a she because she is blooming wonderful. She looks gorgeous AND is perfectly designed to function to the highest possible standards. The highchair (shall we call her BB?) arrived a few weeks ago now and you can read about our initial observations here. Well after a few weeks living with BB I can tell you I stand by all my initial thoughts about how great a design she is. I have also along the way discovered a ever growing lost of plus points and only one bad one. We’ll get to the teeny tiny bad one later but I will confess I had to really wrack my mind to come up with one at all!

As mentioned in my initial post, the assembling of this chair is so fantastically easy I would put money on my 2.5 year old being able to do it *no I don’t suggest you actually get a toddler to do it. I bet they COULD but don’t try that at home kids! It took me (a grown-up)  less than 3 minutes I kid you not. No tools needed. Just click four legs into place and that it is done.

Visually BB is a beauty. She is streamline and scrumptiously chique in appearance.  A stunning, clean, white minimalist design which will basically fit in with any and every interior you have. The chair looks a tad small but looks can be deceiving. Whilst the footprint on this highchair is tiny which is great for saving space, the seat is actually designed perfectly to hold a child up to three years. AIden,  who will be three in June, tested his sisters new chair out and sat in it very happily, with plenty of room for his cute bottom to wriggle around in.

Just as the chair might appear small, it also looks short on first glance but again prepare to be happily proven wrong. BB is the exact perfect height to fit under a standard table. This means she will be great for when we use the hightchair without the tray and for now with the tray, it very easily fits under the table once the tray is folded down. And with two kids and baby ‘apparatus’ everywhere,  a space saying highchair is extremely welcome in this house.

Another plus to BB being so fantastically compact is that I am able to put Faye’s chair right next to Aiden’s chair at the top of the table. I hadn’t imagined I was going to be able to do this at all and was fully anticipating me reenacting the old tennis match head flying from side to side. I can get the Baby Bjorn highchair nice and close up to Aiden so my two can help feed each other / steal each others food.

As I mentioned earlier,  weaning is messy. I remember when Aiden was starting out on solids with babyled weaning and we were visiting my folks. The highchair they had at the time got squashed food stuck in every tiny crack and I remember going upstairs to put Aiden down for a nap after lunch only to return to find my father had taken the highchair into the garden and was actually hosing it down! Well with BB no such problems exist. A very simply yet extremely effective design, sees you able to easily remove the top layer of the tray to take to the sink and wipe down. As the chair is ergonomically shaped there are no inaccessible corner for food to get trapped in. You can wipe the whole thing down with on quick wipe, even with baby on the other hip.

Now I promises you one bad point, and like I say I did struggle to even mention this. The one thing I would change if I could would be to make the tray a bit bigger. It is a perfectly fine size but a tad bigger and maybe a few more pieces of food would stand less chance of dropping to the floor.

So there you have it folks, my wonderful BB who has made meal times an absolute pleasure. Faye is comfy in her chair, lording over us as Queen of the dinner table, never asking to get down.  She is safe in the chair due to the well thought out design. Cleaning up is a total breeze now as we can simply lift the detachable top tray level and tip food in the waste food bin and once she is out of the chair it just takes a quick second to wide down the rest of the chair. Perfect for small spaces and a great addition to any household that would also like their baby products to fit with their style aesthetic. If I was scoring her out of ten, BB would be getting full marks.

You can buy they Baby Bjorn highchair for many baby shops or directly from their website here for £199.99

Disclaimer: We were send the Baby Bjorn highchair in exchange for an honest review. All opinions voiced are mine.

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