We have had quite a busy week without actually doing anything g extraordinary. The kid’s and I are at the tail end of having colds so the start of the week saw Aiden off nursery but we did have lots of fun around the house.

We got some fantastic news that a local primary school would kindly loan us some of their Lego to help us get the Lego club up and running whilst we wait for funding grants to open for the season or the results of the ones I have applied for to come back. It is safe to say Aiden was very excited by all that Lego!

It was snowing but we felt too poorly to go out at the start of the week so I made us three sizes of hot chocolate with veggie marshmallows. Faye didn’t like it and just ate the marshmallows but Aiden and I enjoyed ours.

This week we have mainly been playing with Keith’s old Lego castle and I am very happy we have managed to avoid Faye breaking it!

Aiden woke from his nap one afternoon but Faye stayed asleep so we snuggled up on the sofa and watched part of Mathew Bourne’s Swan Lake. I can’t wait to take Aiden when it is jet in Scotland. It was the first ballet I took Keith too and he was sure he would loath it but he absolutely loved it and we have been back to see it time and time again.

I am really getting a touch obsessive over this whole lego club and this tshirt arrived in the post which I was chuffed with. I think they will call me the crazy lego lady…

This weekend we are reviewing the latest PJ Masks board game. Again we took the opportunity whilst Faye naps longer than Aiden to get a quick 20 mins play in. The game is pretty simple but Aiden has never played a board game so it was weird having to explain things like what I meant by move three spaces. It was fun but I was pretty happy when Faye woke! Aiden has said he wants to play again tomorrow though so wish me luck!

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