The best thing about Keith working near home is that he is off at the weekends. This weekend we decided to pack as much in as possible and visit both of Keith’s parents (they divorced when he was a kid) as we headed down the road on Saturday and stayed at my MIL for the night before returning home on Sunday.

We visited the Glasgow Science Centre while we were on our travels and the kids (and us!) had an absolute blast. Last time we went Faye couldn’t yet walk, in fact she was just 6 months old as it was exactly a year ago, so the difference in experience for her was huge and she flew around the place loving every moment. There is so much to see and do there that I can’t wait till the kids are older and don’t nap so we can stay longer.

We met Keith’s Dad and his wife at a wildlife sanctuary half way between our houses so an hour and a half away. Of all the animals to see, Aiden spent most of his time milking the fake cow!

I had this gorgeous Dogsport Jacket from Pinewood to photograph for a review so on the road back home we pulled over as the light was glorious.  It was a bit strange being in front of the camera for once but I think Keith did a good job and I certainly love the jacket already, even without having a dog to walk!

Back behind the camera for me but another rare photo this time of Keith in his Pinewood fleece. I love the woodsman look and he loves anything that is practical so it was win win.

After dropping Aiden off at forest school we returned home and Faye found this fleece onesie I had got as part of a bundle of clothes. She was determined to wear it and did for the rest of the day as she strutted around shaking her bum and having an absolute whale of a time.Aiden got back from nursery at lunch time and insisted he put his onesie on too. I think maybe I need one now!

My favourite photos are when I manage to snap natural photos of both kids together especially when they are laughing.  These two were having such a giggle when I took this that it is one of my favourite photos ever.

Aiden didn’t really start eating chocolate rill he was two years old. As the little sister and second child, this wee sprite often gets to taste things earlier than u has planned. She adores chocolate and biscuits and knows exactly how to make the most mess with them!

I am writing a piece on some new Usborne books so I thought I’d see how many of our own we already have. Turns out we really rather like Usborne books…

Another natural photo snapped on my phone camera as these two played Snap for a Laurence King review. Aiden particularly enjoyed screaming snap at am given opportunity!

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week Six”

  1. so a lot of fun was had with the game without knowing the rules then….a great game in my book.
    Glad you like your jackets, they look great
    Love the cow milking, I have a pic of me milking on at the Burns Cottage, and I was an adult. it was fun.
    E H Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 6My Profile

  2. Gorgeous photos this week, especially the natural ones of the kids. You definitely do like Usborne books! Younger kids always do taste the forbidden things earlier – I remember my younger son having McDonalds at 11 months, when his brother didn’t have it until he was 2!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Project 365 2018 Week 6My Profile

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