The week got off to a great start with Keith home at the weekend and the weather cold but dry so we got to test Faye’s wee toddler bike outside for the first time. She was pleased as punch and wanted to go down all the big hills of course.

Most people who meet Faye comment on what a gorgeous wee girl she is and we agree but always have to laugh because people think butter wouldn’t melt when we know she is actually the most strong willed and stubbon out of our two. She’s also the one most likely to cause a mess. I nipped the toilet and Keith let her out of his sight for a minute…

My parents popped up to visit qnd to measure up their new house as they move up her next month so the kids and I set up a train track while we waited for them to arrive by train.

I took some photos of my lovely Phil and Teds buggy. I begged Keith to let us get this when I was pregnant with Faye and we have used it a not but not for a while now so it is time to sell it. Faye hardly ever even goes in the Maclaren (preferrng to be carried! And no not in a sling, just by me) but she does walk places too when we are out so soon we will be done with buggies altogether.

A postcard from Nana who is on a hen do in Rome arrived and the kids had fun looking at it.

I think I’m going to need to get Faye a toddler pillow soon. Aiden was 2 when he got his but Faye always makes herself a pile of toys to lie on especially at nap time. She is a big softy really.

I can feel Spring in the air and whilst we haven’t fully decided when we will be doing up the inside of the house, I thought we should get a head start on outside so we can really enjoy the garden come Summer. I quickly snapped this shot so a company who will be providing us the paint to get rid of that dirty yellow for a cotten blend (fancy name for off white) in exchange for a blog feature, can estimate how many tins to send over. A neighbour is lending me scaffolding so now we just need a few dry days…

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week Seven”

  1. Faye does sound like a handful – in the nicest possible way! The outside of your house has so much character, but I can see why you would want to change the colour! We bought a Phil & Ted’s when I was pregnant with my daughter and used it right until she was nearly 3. My sister borrowed it for a while and I’ve still got it! I can’t bear to let it go.
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