Anyone else feel like they are in limbo? Aiden isn’t back at forest school yet and we only got back to Oban ourselves on Thursday after two days of travel up the country. We have been doing the boring jobs like taking the Christmas decorations down and cleaning the house. I think I’ll give myself and extra few days and start the New Years goals etc from Monday! This week I did no blog work and took no “nice” photos on the fancy camera so all I have to show are some quick camera phone snaps.

Aunty Hely and Aunty Sarah gave Aiden this fireman Sam dress up which fits him perfectly and he adores.

Mini train journey trip with Oma to pop the art gallery and museum in Southport. Faye was being as cheeky as ever but both kids had a lot of fun. I really must remember that sometimes it is a simple two hour free visit that can make your whole day so much more enjoyable.

Aiden loves his new dinosaur hat from Oma and Grandi and looks pretty cute in it although he insists he looks scary! Rawr!

A very quick photo taken on whatsapp as Aiden was taking to Keith at work and wanted to know which sea on his new globe Daddy was diving in.

A photo of a photo as my folks have been sorting out a lot of their things ready for their move. They found this gem of my sister and me with our Dad and Opa. We all think I look just like Aiden here and my sister like Faye!

Faye did an Aiden in Dobbies and plonked herself down right in the middle of the shop to have a read. I am so happy she loves books now as she showed no interest as a baby, unlike Aiden who has always just wanted to read books all day every day!

Aiden got a tool work bench off his Nana but he has had to wait a week before we returned to Oban and I could build it. He is pretty chuffed with it. If we ever get a garage then it is going to look fab next to his Dad’s work bench.

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