To say the week got off to a bad start would be an understatement. On Saturday we went to Aiden’s nursery pal’s 5th birthday party in the woods. Keith was away for work so although the party was very well organised and super fun for all the other kids there, it wasn’t the best for me. Lots of walking which would normally be fun but I had both kids to keep an eye on. Faye wanted to walk, but always in the opposite direction. Then suddenly Aiden started crying inconsolably and we had no idea why. So we left pretty sharpish and Aiden was asleep by 6pm (normally he is asleep at 8pm). Unfortunately he woke 45 mins later and was then in and out of sleep and crying/moaning all night long in my bed so neither of us got any sleep at all.

On Sunday morning Aiden was no better and I discovered he had a tick on his neck. Now I’ve never seen a tick but I was pretty sure that was what it was but I wasn’t sure if a tick could explain him being so delirious all night. I called NHS 24 and they heard Aiden in the background and told me to go straight to A&E. The nurse at the hospital was pretty annoyed that we had been sent there and not told to call an out of hours doctor (who actually is based in the hospital…) but she softened up and removed the tick. Then we saw the doctor as Aiden had fluids coming out of one ear. Long story short, it transpires that my poor boy has ruptured his eardrum. The wee mite must have been is so so much pain during the party it just breaks my heart. Luckily he is recovering very quickly with the antibiotics and is back to his normal happy self now.

Unfortunately Sunday wasn’t done with just the one trip to A&E as Faye fell down the entire flight of stairs. I saw half of it happening but just couldn’t get round the bend in the living room to get to her before she hit the bottom. I’ll never forget the sound, it was absolutely horrific. She cried straight away and I was so relieved to hear that. Unfortunately then the blood appeared. Aiden was absolutely amazing, he said straight away “Mummy that is blood, you need to call 999!” Luckily Keith was only two minutes away so I got Aiden to get ready and we took Faye to A&E. We certainly got some strange looks from the staff who were still on duty and had seen Aiden in the morning. We got Faye glued and stitched back together and the all clear to go home and get the kids a chippy dinner. Aiden told me at bed time he had had the best day ever!! (well he had gotten a lot of TV and treats between hospital visits)

We kept Aiden off forest school on Monday to keep an eye on him and Keith only had to leave for work in the afternoon so we had a nice morning the four of us. When the kids were napping though I did spot this plant pot on the stairs. I thought Faye had hit the wall but apparently the plant pot too!

It is extremely lucky that Faye is one heck of a tough kid and the fall has not phased her one jot. She picked the bad boy 90’s look all herself!

I got some walking boots for Keith for a review but luck was not our as they arrived the day after he left for work. Will have to take the review photos in a week or twos time but luckily the company are very understanding.

Whilst the whole of Scotland (and indeed the UK) is on a red alert for all the snow, this was the view from my kitchen window. Not a snowflake in sight but it is bitterly cold still.

A kind lady in Oban gave us this brand new dolls house as it is too grown up for her girl and she got it as a present at the weekend. I’m certainly having fun! Now I think we need to get some furniture!

Keith just text to ask for a quick photo of the kiddies and I was amazed they sat together straight away and smiled. Have a nice weekend everyone.  We ate off to a tiger tea party!

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11 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week Nine”

  1. Oh Fee what a week with the kids! I can totally sympathise with the burst ear drum, Monkey burst both of his within 2 weeks of each other and seeing fluid coming out of his ear whilst I was away with him was terrifying. I hope you’ve all recovered from that traumatic 24 hours with them. That dolls house looks fab #365

  2. Oh my goodness! What a week you’ve had. We’ve visited A&E so many times over the years, but not even we have managed two visits in one day. Our record was both boys in the same hospital bed six weeks apart! The kids look like they are all happy and back to normal now.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Project 365 2018 Week 9My Profile

  3. oh dear at two of them in A&E on the same day, glad you got both of them sorted out. Head wounds bleed as lot and cause a lot of panic. Remember when Bob did it and my daughter phoned 999 ( we lived remote and I was away with the only car between us all at the time) the paramedic wanted to see where he had done it before he treated him.
    What a lovely gesture with the house.
    Has your mum moved up yet?
    We got away with a few snow flurries here but nothing that settled much

  4. Holy moly what a week!! Hope Aiden and Faye are both ok now. I would have no idea what to do if i saw a tick on one of the boys so I’ve learnt something new here. That dolls house is just amazing, I really need to get one!
    Notmyyearoff recently posted…Getting snowed inMy Profile

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