This week I have been predominantly trying to sort the selling of my parents house so they can buy they one they want to move to up in Oban. My parents are to kind for this world and they were being totally walked over by solicitors and estate agents and were about to lose the house they wanted so a LOT of phone calls have been made by a sleep deprived and cold choked me. Anyhow it seems to have worked as we have managed to get the contracts exchanged down in England. Next it is the missives in Scotland. I am done in! Here’s what we have been doing when I wasn’t screaming down the phone.

We had an excellent start to the week as I got the first funding application for the Lego club sent away and also picked up this collection of Duplo for the younger Lego fans.

I can’t remember the last time there wasn’t someone sick in this house! This week it seems to be Faye’s turn and she is even more cuddly and only wants to sleep on me. It was annoying me because I was getting nothing done but then I remembered to just sit and watch her for a while looking so beautiful and peaceful. I really need to do that more as it was very relaxing.

The kids and I were in the paper this week. Aiden had loved the whole being interviewed by a journalist thing and has asked me to read him the article about a hundred times. It is so sweet to see him so proud to be trying to start this club. He declares it to complete strangers in the shops – “I’m starting a Lego club. You can come!”

We decided to have a bit of a play with the Duplo that was gifted to the club before we put it seperate from our own. We built a block of flats for all the animals and Aiden and the firebrigade evacuation it many times. Faye didn’t want the animals locked inside so was constantly freeing them!

I think book post is my favourite post. I always adore the Laurance King books they send over because they are so unusual and such high quality books. I was twiddling my thumbs waiting for Aiden to wake from his nap whilst I snapped this one.

Finally the kids woke and we git to play with all the new books. We gave the new superhero snap game ago and Aiden sort of understood but mainly just wanted to talk about the characters on the cards.

Aiden has needed a hair cut for a while as it was in his eyes but I always worry they will take too muchoff like that one time. Luckily after asking a fb group I found a great hairdressers and she did a super job.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week Four”

  1. Glad you were happy with his hair cut, makes him look rather grown up.
    A huge fab well done on the interview for the paper. Nice to see you making a difference in the community you have just moved into.
    A good for you for standing up to people and helping sort your mum out. Hope she finds a house she likes and that she also likes Oban when she gets there. Not sure I would want to live there all year round.
    E H Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 4My Profile

  2. My mum moved house yesterday and I’ve had to do the whole things with solicitors over the phone and email from Dubai, it’s nearly killed me at some points and yesterday it took 4 bloody hours to transfer the money from the solicitors account for the new flat, while they all sat in Wetherspoons hanging around. Glad you’ve got everything sorted now, hopefully they’ll have a much smoother move with your support
    chickenruby recently posted…Getting out of a rut and blowing my own trumpet.My Profile

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