This week we have had Keith home, sort of. He is away in the days on a diver medical course in Fort William but it means we see him for breakfast and then dinner, bath and bedtime which makes all the difference.  We have also had loads of fun socialising this week so it has flown by and now we have a busy weekend about to start travelling all over to see family we haven’t seen since the new year.

I realised last weekend that we hadn’t played with the dressing up trunk since we moved here because it is tucked behind a chair so forgotten about. We pulled it out and found the hand me down dresses a friend gave us last year now fit Faye so she battled Sir Aiden and I’m pretty sure she won!

The kids took and extra long nap one afternoon AND it was still sunny so I decided to get a pile of review shots done with some wallpaper samples I picked up from Homebase because I was getting bored of using that same one wooden floor. I’m pretty happy with how they came out and it was nice to have time to play around with the new camera some more.

Faye found the box with all her hair bobbles and slides in and of course wanted them all in her hair. I was sure they wouldn’t last more than a few minutes but we went to visit some friends on their farm and she still had the pigtails, although no bow, by the end.

I never have flowers in the house, just plants, but we saw daffodils in the shops for 95p and both kids were fascinated to see them sprout (is that the term?!) so we got them and they really do cheer me up when washing the dishes. The view helps too.

Faye has been super sleepy this week so it is either a growth spurt,  more teeth or a cold. Or all of them! Either way I keep having to wake her from her naps as they have been going on three hours some afternoons which is just silly!

There is a space between the kids two bedrooms that we didn’t know what to do with. Well it suddenly hit me last week that it would make an ideal reading nook / mini library so I bought some shelves, a comfy rug and wall stickers. I just need some mini bean bags or floor cushions now.

We had an absolutely wonderful morning with some friends of ours from Aiden’s forest school. One of their sister’s helps run a community walled garden which we have never been to with it being Winter when we moved back here and it only opening after we moved away last time. It is a fantastic project and both my two had such a great time digging and atering and making friends with the dog, Messi!


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14 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week Five”

  1. I love your reading nook – it looks so cosy and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a book. We always used to read a few (well about 20) books after lunch when H was at preschool especially after he gave up naps – I would have been so envious of Faye’s 3 hour naps as he rarely managed even an hour.
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