Back to forest school for Aiden this week. He only goes for 3 hours 3 mornings a week but to him it is everything and after time away sometimes he is a bit sad to go. Luckily he isn’t crying and begging me not to leave etc  and he always then has a great time so it is fine. The weather was cold but dry so he got to play in the field he likes which really does make a big difference!

Mondays I often stay home with Faye while Aiden is at nursery as the weekends might have been busy. We had a lovely time playing with this mouse hotel. It’s a bit like Polly Pocket and we got it ages ago at a strange jumble sale where you exchanged toys only Aiden was the only kid who brought anything and this was the only toy other the used coloring pencils to swap with.  The lady in charge gave us the whole “Ooo she can’t have that it’s fir girls!” but there was no way we were getting fobbed off with a crap toy for our Thomas the Tank engine. What do you know, both my girl and boy love it!

I’m a vegetarian and so are the kids and I am always on the lookout for new foods. I was thrilled to get these vegan meatballs in Lidl of all places.  They were so yummy even meat eater Keith finished off a pack. Went back a few days later to stock up but all gone and they think they were a one off. Nooo!

What’s the point in being a blogger if you can’t use your powers for good every now and then. Hehe well I decided to ask the very lovely PR team over at DK publishers if they could spare some Lego books for the Lego club and today 20 of them arrived. I blooming love people.

I sit on the parent panel for Books and Pieces so when Amanda heard I was trying to sort Faye’s toilet training a bit faster as it is all over the place (Aiden was dry in the day from 14 months so Faye at 18 months seems very old to me) she sent us over some toilet books for the kids. Aiden is taking his job as official good job sticker giver very seriously.

Faye has broken rank. She snuck off with the toilet training sticker book and awarded herself all the stickers all over her top… busted.

People are now calling me Lego Lady when they see me in the shops. I am greatly amused by this and I think appearing in the West Coast Review this month is only going to fuel them. Aiden asked me what I thought we should do to get in the paper next week…

Off to a nursery friend of Aiden’s 5th birthday party. It is a walk and cake in the woods and is frog and ladybird themed. There was no mention of needing to dress up. I may or may not also have an adult frog poncho.

Have a nice weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week Eight”

  1. Love those ponchos! And love your reputation as the Lego lady. How fantastic to get all those books for the club. I’ve never heard of a child being dry as young as 14 months! Boys are usually later too. My eldest was turned 3 when he cracked it. I thought my daughter did very well as she had just turned 2.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Project 365 2018 Week 8My Profile

  2. Laughing at Faye’s antics and awarding herself all the stickers. Whatta girl! Glad Aiden enjoys his forest school. What a stupid woman who claimed that toy set is for girls only. My younger son loved all Peppa pig toy sets when he was younger, and also My Little Pony. Ponchos look very stylish and colourful.
    Galina V recently posted…Photo diary: week 8 (project 365)My Profile

  3. Had to giggle at you having a frog poncho and being called the Lego lady – you must h ave made an impact locally. 14 and 18 months for toilet training seems very young to me as H was 3 and a bit and it took forever.

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