This week has been nice. I think that is the best word to describe it as I don’t want to go overboard and say it has been amazing or anything but it really has been a nice week. We started the week with the news that Keith’s brother and lovely girlfriend have gotten engaged whilst on holiday in Paris (we knew before but shush!) Faye had no idea what she was smiling for (she smiles whenever a camera appears) but I explained it to Aiden and he was genuinely chuffed which was so sweet to see.

I sorted out the last room in the house in preparation for a move and that was the loft. I got down a few more of Aiden’s old today for Faye to play with but of course Aiden was wanting a shot too! 😂 I’m amazed he still fits in it and happy that after half an hour a play he hasn’t asked to get back in again.

We have done a lot of Lego this week and it has been great because I love Lego too and find the games we can play are a lot more fun then his other favourite game which is playing pretend battles…

We git two really beautiful products sent us because of the blog. A wonderful Antipodes Merino wool sleeping bag, which is working a treat. And then at the end of the week a HUGE box of beautiful books from Laurance King arrived which really is filled with the most stunning books.

We had a great few days in the middle of the week seeing Aiden’s pal Danny as his Mum currently is off work Tue – Thurs so we went to a playground together, played at each others houses and went the park as it was gloriously sunny one morning. The boys have a funny relationship. They love each other but they often get excited to see each other then go play seperate as Aiden gets upset when Danny takes his toys (which he does a lot!) and vice versa when Aiden tries to “correct” how Danny is playing. They had the absolute best time at the park though as no toys to disagree over. It was absolutely heartwarming to watch.

Some of the evenings have been a real struggle with the kids taking absolutely ages to go to sleep even if they aren’t misbehaving or anything.  After one particularly gruelling evening I realised there was no chocolate in the house to cheer me up after and honestly it was awful! My darling wonderful Keith sent me some lovely Lindt chocolate the next day from Orkney so it wouldn’t happen again!

So like I said, it has been a nice week really.  The bad bits sometimes have a tendency to feel awful when they are happening. A baby screaming directly into your ear or a toddler crying because well anything will make him cry when he is unwell including not getting to press the washing machine button  (I simply forgot to wake him from his nap to get him to do this!!) but it is nice to look back and see all the fun we have the majority of the time. How has your week been? Nice I hope!

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11 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 9”

  1. Such cute photos. Great news about the uncle and auntie and how lovely to get emergency chocolate delivered! I am always very careful not to run out of chocolate! Luckily nobody else likes the chocolate I eat, so it doesn’t get nicked! It must have been a struggle to get Aiden back out of the baby walker?!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 5.3.17My Profile

  2. Awww congratulations to your brother in law and his fiancé, that sign is so cute. And the chocolate delivery is just so lovely. I don’t like chocolate but I’d be the same if we ran out of crisps 🙂
    Notmyyearoff recently posted…Couple timeMy Profile

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