Does a week really happen if you had so little sleep you don’t remember half of it?! Well that is the type of week I have had this week. Faye was an AMAZING sleeper until she was almost 6 months old. I kid you not, from about a week old she would sleep every night 7/8 hours until it built to 12. It was sheer bliss, especially as I had been preparing myself for the no-sleep newborn stage. Well I guess all that mental preparation hasn’t gone to waste at least as Faye now officially DOESN’T SLEEP! Well to be truthful, she does but when she comes out of her 45 min sleep cycle she needs to be nursed back asleep. And the last few weeks she has taken to just being wide awake and chattering/giggling to herself for a good 2-3 hours solid in the middle of the night. Enjoying it I am not!

This week we have hung out in the house on the miserable days quite aften so I wanted a game Aiden could get really stuck on to. He is absolutely crazy about Lego at the moment moment so we cleared away the trains and set about building our very own lego city. I seem to be doing most of thr construction whilst Aiden is drawing up plans for expansion!

Whenever the kids are napping these days I am sorting the house and binning / selling loads of stuff as I simply don’t want to move with it all. I read about a blogger (sorry can’t remember who!) who was sorting out 20 items every day for a month. That is pretty much me only I blew the whole months quota in a day!

Also this week we have had some really lovely days out with Keith’s family. Even when Keith is working away I make sure the kids see Nana as she only lives 20mins away and they always have a blast. It is so nice to speak to adults and also to get a little break from always having two wee ones hanging off you, even if only for a morning.

On Friday we took the kids to Butterfly and Insect World for the first time and they both absolutely loved it. I was also super happy that my MIL snapped a photo of me with my boy.

Busy busy week we have had, even with no sleep. Guess that means I can do this Mum thing after all. Although it should be noted I much prefer it WITH sleep!

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 8”

  1. Wow, you’ve done really well on so little sleep and you still managed to sort out kids stuff whilst the others were napping. That’s a lot of bags. It’s lovely you have Keith’s family close by, I really do think having another grown up to talk to is invaluable!
    I just love your photos of the masses of curls, just gorgeous! And that beautiful, black & white butterfly.
    You’re looking good, even if you haven’t had any sleep!
    tracey at Mummyshire recently posted…5 Energy Efficiency Tips To Help Save Money In Your HomeMy Profile

  2. It’s always nice when someone takes a photo of a mum with their kids, I have so few from when mine were little. If it wasn’t for teenagers and their selfie fixation I’d probably have none at all. Looks a good week and busy even on no sleep. hopefully she’ll be back to sleeping through next week 🙂
    Jodie Hawkins recently posted…Photography Project 365, Week 8My Profile

  3. Must have been strange to have a child sleep and then not sleep. My son woke me every 2 hours during the night until he was over a year, but whilst he’s an early riser still those days are gone now thankfully.

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