It is snowing in Oban, I repeat,  it is SNOWING in Oban! And lots of it too. That means everything else goes on the back burner and we have mainly just been getting dressed up to go outside, playing a bit in the snow and then keeping warm again indoors. Very little else has happened so this is going to be a brief post before I have to get back to some blog work whilst the kid’s nap. Do you have snow where you are? I have a feeling it is going to be a “bad” Winter weather wise but I actually really enjoy mad snow weather. Well fir the first few weeks anyway.  Anyone else remember 2010 Winter?!!

Every year my Mum and my MIL get us personalised tree decorations. I absolutely adore them and love seeing how the family has grown since our first one in 2012 with just myself and Keith.

We are doing a kindness advent calendar and today the prompt was to leave a note in a library book to make a stranger smile. Aiden drew the stripes off Stripey Horse and we hid it inside.

This cheeky face woke up early so came into my bed. It is lucky she can charm the socks off me.

We made these fun pebble snowman for this week’s #christmaslittlemakes They turned put so well and Aiden took them into forest school to share with the other girls and boys. The teachers liked them so much they asked if they can keep them for the week to play with the afternoon kids. Aiden was very happy they got to stay at nursery.

It snowed! And it snowed enough to make a wee snowman. We actuallymade a bigger one layer but this was our first attempt and Aiden was very pleased with him. Faye mainly tried to sit on him and remove his nose…

Faye’s first real snow. She liked the look from indoors but found it weird to walk in. Like those cat and dog videos you see on YouTube went a tad mad.

Finally finally our kindness elves have arrived right now whilst the kid’s are napping.  We had told them it was taking an awful long time to get here from the North Pole so they are going to be do happy when they wake up. They are extremely cute and we (well actually my sister abd her partner) have naned them Buddy & Holly. Bloomin genius I know!! (I think though that they didn’t realise the musical reference 😂)

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One thought on “Project 365 – Week 49”

  1. In 2010 we packed up all our belongings in 10 inches of snow and said goodbye to the UK, as a result we now move house/countries at this time of year. although it’s winter in Dubai and we have an artificial snowman gracing our front door step, we won’t be having any snow here unless I visit the ski dome. The last time I saw snow was in June 2012 in Johannesburg, it was the first time it had snowed since 1963, everyone ran outside to experience it, many for the first time ever in their lives, it was magical to watch them
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