Last Sunday my folks headed back down the road but they are going to put their house on the market next week so hopefully soon they will be living up here too which will be so lovely. This snap was what my Mum and I found after we left Grandad in charge of the kids whilst we cleaned the breakfast table up. Somehow they convinced him to move his bedding to the living room and they decide to all go back to bed!

Aiden was proud as punch to pose for a photo to share on the Facebook page of he Lego group we are setting up. We might never have met yet but Aiden and another boy, Dylan have been sharing their builds via photos and it is so sweet!

It was a glorious day on Monday even though it was absolutely baltic. Faye and I popped to the beach near Aiden’s forest school whilst he was there. We picked pebbles but only stayed half an hour before we returned home to the warmth.

Does this make me a good blogger and a bad Mum?! Is twinning really winning?! Hehe. All I can say is they are so cute bur most likely I won’t have both kid’s in them at the same time other than for a photo for the album when they are older.

Faye climbs EVERYWHERE! She has now figured out her brother’s dinner table chair which means I can’t put any food or drinks ready on the table before she is in her highchair else she will get to it when my back it turned!

I my or may not have stayed up till 1am make a kindness advent calendar to go along with the Kindness Elves who will hopefully be arriving any day now (please pr folks, I have a 3.5 year old desperate to meet them!) The kids also have toy Lego and WOW Toys advent calendars which are pretty cool but I really want to focus on the acts of kindness this year.

The kid’s were both absolutely ecstatic to open their advent and Aiden was so impressed with the letter from the elves. He took our kindness act for the day very seriously and we fed the birds in our garden after a morning of giggles between these two.

Are you doing anything like a kindness advent, reverse advent or book one this year? I love the different takes on them.

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