These gift guides are kicking my ass! We are receiving so many really wonderful gifts that the postie is visiting two sometimes threw times a day this week and I have again not taken many photos at all. Tut tut me and my shocking multi tasking. The dark is also not helping as the light is absolutely shocking this time of year. Right here we go.

Now technically these weren’t taken by me because well I am in one of them but they were snapped by a journalist at an event at the Ocean Explorer Centre during the Winter festival this week. We had so so much fun and the kids charmed all the staff and students.

We knew it was coming. Aiden and Faye caught another cold (and me too) so we sacked forest school off after the kids were still asleep at 9am and we took their special blankets that their Oma knitted for them and had a sofa day. They were both kind enough to let me gave galf of each blanket as I sat in the middle.

The Worry Plaque and Fairy Door arrived for the kid’s gift guides. I am really hoping the worry plaque will help Aiden with some stress he carries about seemingly small things sometimes.

Could not get this girl to sit still to take a photo of the cutest fox tights from Lidl. She was just so excited to be wearing them!

Getting ready for 2018 and my new Stigu Planner arrived. What planner do you use? I absolutely swear by Stigu so was very happy to include this in a gift guide.

Laurence King who we review for a lot sent over these absolutely beautiful books. They have wonderful concepts and their illustrations are always absolutely amazing. Th kids will love these at Christmas.

It is snowing in Oban. SNOWING! And sticking! And last night the Northern Lights were out dancing merryly. I bloomin love where I live.

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