Is anyone doing that seven day, black and white photography challenge this week? I’m not but I certainly wouldn’t have had a problem with photos without people in this week as it appears to be nearly all I have taken is quick snaps and product shots. So without further ado, here is possibly my dullest, least technical week of photos ever! Enjoy 🙂

Faye is so happy when her Daddy is home. Here she is having set up camp outside the toilet door as she was missing him while he used the facilities!

I told you the photos were pretty shocking this week. Aiden was chuffed that we found almost all the shapes to build the car at soft play. We didn’t even realise they made a car till Keith took the kids along so early that it had been built by staff and not destroyed yet.

Faye got these seriously adorable dressing gown from her Uncle and Aunty for her first Christmas but it just fits her now. Perfectly in time for her second one! Bizarre as she is extremely tall so I don’t think I’ve ever had this happen with her clothes.

The first of the riveting product shots was a quick snap I took of Faye’s Toddlebike2 that arrived for one of my gift guides. I had to snap and then hide a rather large box from two inquisitive kids.

Most bloggers out there will know that Hotter boots are the best! I love their PR for sending me these Ruby boots and going the extra mile to source them in the charcoal grey I wanted. They are so warm!

Another two gifts for the gift guides. This globe is a normal globe and then you flick a switch and it shows the night with star constellations. It was too sunny and bright in my house to test it out so here I am hid in the bathroom! The lightsaber mug will be for Aiden as part of our family Christmas Eve box which will be the first year we have done one. Any ideas of fun small things to include? More about time spent together as a family rather than as additional gifts because even though I am half German and therefore Christmas technically should be celebrated on Christmas Eve we actually always just did one small gift when I was a kid and then we would sit around and listen to The Hobbit on cassette and eat biscuits.  This year is will just be us four and I am so excited to start our own Christmas traditions.

Keith snapped this one this morning. Faye woke at 5:30am so I took her into my bed as no way was I getting up that early. She eventually fell back asleep on me and I guess I had a little snooze too…

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 46”

  1. it’s the dog and cat that sit outside the bathroom these days waiting for me to come out lol. Love the hotter boots, but i’d have no use for them in Dubai, hope you get some good wear out of them

  2. Those Hotter boots look lovely. I have my eye on some rather nice purple ones of theirs, but I think I will need to replace my black boots and can’t really justify 2 pairs. I’ve nearly finished my gift guide work – should have the last bits done next week. Always wonder why I do it, but it is fun to try out new things.
    Erica Price recently posted…Week 46:2017My Profile

  3. why do children not get to go in with daddy…….mummies never get to go in peace?
    We got the toddle bikes when the twins were a year old and they are still scooting round the kitchen on them and they are 4 now, Spud only manages to go backwards on hers.
    A gift guise is a lot of work so well done for taking it on.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 45 and 46.My Profile

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