This week Aiden has enjoyed forest school more which is a relief.  He still panics the night before and as ww drop him odd he says he doesn’t want to go and chokes back the tears which is just hellish to see but he hasn’t been crying during forest school and has actually come away with happy stories so definitely an improvement.  Faye this week has been suffering with teething as at almost 16 months she still only has 3 teeth. We have had some shocking nights but also a fair few were she has slept totally through so swings and roundabouts ay.

Wow Toys got in touch and sent us some great toys for our gift guides plus this advent calendar which looks amazing. Didn’t want to risk squabbles over one toy a day between my two so Nana bought Aiden a Lego one which I just know he will go crazy for.

We needed to do a wee photo shoot for the huge amount of things Mountain Warehouse sent over for a feature coming soon so we went down to a local beach and just messed around for a few hours. The Autumn light is just amazing for about two hours each day so I am very pleased it didn’t rain during them.

This wee sprite always has the most mischievous smile on her which goes perfectly with her daredevil attitude but petite wee features.

Took some photos of the toys that have arrived for the gift guides so far. We love wow toys because they don’t need batteries! I think the kids are going to love these.

Keith resorting to sneaky tactics and feeding Faye cheese to get her to stand still for a second so I could take a photo of her fabulous dinosaur top!

More product shots this week. These rather adorable base layers also doubled up as snuggly lazy day house clothes with their new super soft socks. It always amuses me how tall Faye is when stood/sat next to Aiden who himself is already tall.

When it rains it pours. More product photos for a big review piece I am working on current.  It is safe to say we are now pretty much kitted put for the Scottish Winter weather for this year at least.

Sometimes you take the things on your doorstep for granted so we took a little walk nearby to show the kids some of the landmarks which they loved.

Put some new adventure prints up in Faye’s room which means the mini makeovers are nearly complete. I just need some fun rugs and wall stickers and that will tide us over until we really decorate them with paint and new carpets but that might be after downstairs is done.

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 44”

  1. We loved Wow Toys when H was younger and in fact a couple of their toys have gone into the attic for the grandchildren (assuming I get any). Looks like you are ready for the winter with all that outdoor stuff.
    Erica Price recently posted…Week 44: 2017My Profile

  2. We also have wow toys and love them.
    Love her arms in the pink suit picture, and yes a Scottish Winter needs good clothing, as most of the hills in Oban make it easier and quicker to walk to the town than drive down the hills on the tight and bendy streets, we always walk to Tesco, much quicker than driving it.
    Laughed at the cheese bribery, well it worked.
    Spud has a daredevil attitude as well.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 44My Profile

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