Keith is back with us woohoo. Today we head back up to Oban from England after almost two weeks of driving all over the country. It has been overshadowed by a horrible virus but it has still been an absolutely lovely family break. We have done plenty of fun days out with the kids buy we are excited to get back home today.

It is pretty rare to get a photo of these two together but by gum my sister managed it and not blury either. What do you think, do they look alike?

Faye got an ice lolly all to herself because we bought a box to eat in the park and well there was no way she wasn’t getting her own one. She was so excited by how huge it was and by the end of it she was also holding her Grandad’s ice cream in the other hand.

Pilot Aiden looking like a wee surfer dude in the Southern sunshine. I love his grin in this one.

There was a pretty cool bare foot challenge at one of the places we visited down in the Cotswolds and although Aiden wouldn’t do it, Faye had an absolute blast walking along the different surfaces. She is a total free spirit.

Some times you just need a simple day. With my Mum back at work, me and my Dad took to kids to the park for a kick around and a swing.

Aiden really did need his hair cut and even though I love it long it is now out of his eyes and ears and will grow back soon enough so he and Daddy were happy. Faye had her fringe cut and shot the hairdresser daggers but did sit well! She looks funny now with a neat fringe and they both look older.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 42”

  1. That’s a lovely photo of the kids together. They definitely do look alike! Very impressed that Faye has been to a hairdresser already. Would you believe my daughter has never been – and she’s 11 now! She’s never had a proper haircut, Daddy just trims it for her every few months (it is VERY long!).
    Hope you are all feeling better now.
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