This week I have been taking part in #blogtober17 so I am slightly chasing my tail as I write a blog post a day. I almost didn’t take part this year but #blogtober16 was how I first really started my blog last year. I had only been blogging a few days before it started and I somehow managed to complete the whole thing. It was wonderfully freeing to have a prompt and little time to over think it or worry about making each post perfect. These days I do find myself worrying about what I write so I think it is perfect to take part again. It does mean however that I spent less time taking photos but I did get one each day.

Aiden cutting up the dance floor with some crazy arm swinging moves and a fish fan bubble machine!

I have a fair few posts coming up soon with lots of products being reviewed in each one so I thought I’d get a head start and snap some of the product shots for Faye’s fairy forest room makeover.

On Monday Aiden unfortunately ended up in A&E. He has trouble breathing when he gets hit with a really bad cold and there us a horrible virus doing the rounds. We had not been the Oban hospital before and it was hit or miss if they were going to send us to the children’s at Paisley but we managed after many many hours to convince them to let us monitor him and give him all the medication here. Keith left a good 6 hours after he planned to leave to go back to work so the poor man got back to Aberdeen at 2am!

Aiden wasn’t eating or drinking so a helpful nurse told him he could have ice lollies whenever he wanted this week so that is what he had for breakfast on Tuesday.

The mini bathroom makeover is complete (although I might still buy more cacti) I love the new driftwood mirror.

Look at those lips and also she still just has two teeth!

Photographing this lego shelf for a product review for Aiden’s Lego themed room which will be live soon. Just need to find rugs for both kid’s rooms.

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 40”

  1. Poor Aiden! That must have been scary. Your bathroom looks lovely and the Lego shelf is very cool!
    I saw the themes for Blogtober and I must admit I was tempted! I do blog nearly every day of the week anyway, but it’s always what I feel like writing at the time. Good luck with completing it again.

  2. Poor Aiden! Glad you managed to get treated locally. Paisley must be quite a drive away. I do love the Lego shelf. I like the idea of Blogtober, but it’s the wrong time of year for me. I would much rather do it in January or February when I am less busy.
    Erica Price recently posted…2017: Week 40My Profile

  3. Oh no poor Aiden. Hope he’s feeling much better now and good idea about the ice lollies. He definitely looks happy there 🙂 I am such a massive plant murderer so I really love how cacti just seems to thrive forever!

  4. Poor Aiden. Sadly one of the down sides of living where you do, Ziggy was born at Paisley not Oban as she was a planned c-section and they don’t do them in Oban. Hmmm at the ice lolly advise, but then any fluid better than no fluid.
    I love your bathroom mirror as well as that lego shelf.

  5. i’ve got a lot to say but not sure i could commit to a blog a day, well done you. Love the shot of the fairy room prep and the bathroom mini make over looks fab. sorry to hear Aiden hasn’t been well, i bet he’s loving the ice lollies though

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