Almost at the end of January,  doesn’t time fly when you have none! With Keith working away at the moment me and the kids have jumped ship and headed down to England to visit my family. Here is what we have been up to this week.

Day 22
My Dad is a keen bird watcher so we popped along to a place called Martin Mere that we love. As luck would have it, it was the last day of the “Dusty Duck” hunt so we walked around searching our Dusty in many outfits designed by different celebrities. Aiden absolutely loved spotting him in the distance and running to him.

Day 23
While my Mum was at work my Dad helped me entertain the kids. Aiden was so happy to discover some lego and Grandad’s house too!

Day 24
Faye is really getting the hang of sitting up but she does still throw herself back with some force so I can only snap very quick photos just in case!

Day 25
I took Aiden to rhythm time at the big library and art centre where my folks live while my Dad walked Faye for her morning nap. In the foyer Aiden spotted this chap and a fighter jet to promote a Star Wars exhibition they currently have on. Even though he has never seen Star Wars (far too young in my opinion) he knows all the characters from the lego so was so excited I couldn’t get him to stand still for a photo!

Day 26

Today Faye did her second poo on the toilet. I don’t care what anyone says, she is 6 months old and I am one proud Mama. She was also pretty chuffed with herself too. Quite right I think!

Day 27

Today I have been driving a lot of the day as me and the kids went to stay with Aunty Hely and Aunty Sarah for the weekend. The only photos I took were of our lovely new Baby Bjorn highchair we are testing out. Faye found it really comfortable straight away and I love how neat and small it is. Full review in a few weeks when we have really given it a go!

Day 28
We are visiting Aunty Hely and Aunty Sarah this weekend and the kids are so so happy about it as they are crazy about their Aunties! We visited a fantastic water park with an amazing play ground and then went on a nice long walk while the kids napped. We even treated ourselves to cake as we certainly burnt some calories!

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