Aaah lemsip. We, the adults have caught the cold the kid’s had last week and have so kindly shared with us. When you have kids though you can’t have a sofa day so we have just been getting on with it and still having plenty of fun (and maybe a little bit more Disney than normal!)

Over on Kerrera for my Dad’s birthday last weekend. We were so lucky with the weather and had a really lovely day with the kid’s first island hop. It was so nice to see how Aiden’s confidence with things like heights is getting so much better since he started forest school.

I think the walk tired them out! Aiden doesn’t normally go in a buggy. In fact I can’t remember the last time he was in it before this as we usually just take the single Maclaren or the trike but I knew we would be walking a fair distance so took the double for after lunch. Lucky I did as they both fell asleep after about 2 minutes and only woke on the ferry back to the mainland!

You are probably getting fed up of me saying this but we all just love the new park! The musical garden between the under 5’s and the over 5’s sections is so beautiful and so fun for both kid’s and adults alike.

I think we have been the new park every single day since it opened. When I ask Aiden what he wants to do each morning, he without fail says go the new park! So go we do. This roundabout is so clever and allows for children who use a wheelchair or perhaps have other mobility issues to get on board nice and easy. So simple but I imagine it makes all the difference.

We finally got round to actually hanging the Lego board I made Aiden last week and it is safe to say he loves it. One successful DIY crafty project complete, about a zillion left to do.

We were feeling our absolute worse with thus cold but the weather was absolutely stunning so we headed down to a beach I have passed on the drive to forest school but that we have never been to. We all had so much fun and the fresh air did us the world of good I think. Aiden loved throwing the shells back into the sea and laughing at the seaweed which he thought was funny because it was ugly!

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