It feels like we have lived in Oban and this house for a lot longer than two and a half weeks now but there is of course still so much to do to the house and discover round the town. I have gone to a few playgroups with Faye which she adored and Aiden is still loving forest school  (even with West Coast rain!) so it has been a great week. Also my folks have come to visit for a few days which is lovely especially as it is my Dad’s birthday. In fact we are off out to catch the ferry across to Kererra in a moment so must dash!

The bathroom wood has never treated so looked pretty grubby so I have been sanding and staining for about a week and a half now. This was half way through so you can see the colour contrast on the bath wood.

Aiden was having ago at perfecting the art of the selfie. I must say his use of natural light is pretty impressive!

Faye is in that stage were she just loves copying everything we do, the more mundane the better. Here she is helping me dust.

Is there anything better than a walk on a sunny Autumn day. These two agreed to explore the neighbourhood with me as long as I kept feeding them soreen!

I have been crafting away this week to make Aiden a Lego themed magnet board for him to pin up any Lego plans he draws. He was pretty chuffed with it and even helped me with the stickers at the end.

Miss Faye has been sleeping like an absolute star recently and actually I have had to go in and wake her after 8am. Aiden still gets up at 7am but then he will come and snuggle with me which is lovely too.

The brand spanking new under 5’s playpark is now open and both kids are absolutely thrilled. So many different things for them to do and so bright and colourful. Well done to the volunteer parents who raised over £350,000 to make the two parks possible!

Whatever the weather Oma is ready to take the kid’s out for a bit of fresh air.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 38”

  1. Ah sounds like you’ve had a good week and I love the sun flair on Aidens photo. I’d love my toddler to help me clean. He just tries to break things at the moment to see what’s inside 🙂

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